Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Houlihan's

A few weeks ago we went to Houlihan’s to check out their trivia night.  While I associate trivia nights more with dive bars and pubs than big restaurant chains, Houlihan’s can compete with any of the venues on our list.  If you are downtown and looking for a place to play after work, definitely check out Houlihan’s.

Time: Trivia is slated to start at 6pm, which is great if you’re old like me and prefer to go to bed around 8:45pm.  The night we visited it actually started a few minutes late, which is also great for those who (unlike me) don’t leave the office at 5pm sharp.

Getting there: We took public transpiration, but drivers should know that parking near Houlihan’s on Wacker & Michigan isn’t that bad.  Seriously.  There’s a garage next to the restaurant that validates for $8 and accepts credit cards.

The Trivia: It isn’t your average trivia crowd.  There are a lot of people just getting drinks after work.  But there were also a lot of enthusiastic teams.  Trivia is provided by Whaddayaknow Trivia.  They do the question-song-question-song format, which we don’t always love because it means fewer trivia questions and more waiting around.  Alas, that format is becoming more and more popular so we’ve learned to deal with it.  The host at Houlihan’s did a good job of keeping the night moving, so we didn’t mind the format too much.  The questions were fun and original.  Highlights include a question about international pop stars and a fun picture round that focused on some really bad baseball movies (Summer Catch!).  Overall, I give it two thumbs up. (The trivia night, not Summer Catch.)

Fun trivia fact: Houlihan’s is based in my hometown of Leawood, Kansas.

Another fun trivia fact: We came in first place and scored a gift card.  Woot.

The verdict: Fun trivia + all-American food = a good time.

111 E. Wacker Dr., Chicago
3 paws (out of 4)

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