Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Wild Goose

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Wild Goose

A couple weeks ago we went to Wild Goose to play Trivia, Teasers, and More, courtesy of host Jason.  First things first, parking was awesome.  We were a little worried that we wouldn’t be able to find spots in Lincoln Square, but Sasha and I both ended up getting spots right in front of the bar. 

The Wednesday specials at Wild Goose are $2.99 Goose burgers, $1 chili, $4 Stella Artois, and $5.50 half liters of Hoegarden.

Jason also hosts trivia at Brownstone, where we have in the past won a free party from Marbles: The Brain Store. Trivia, Teasers, and More is now sponsored by Cat and Mouse Game Store, which we actually prefer because we love cats so much. Like Brownstone trivia, trivia at Wild Goose is not like your average trivia night. Each round is based on a game, so it’s more a combination of knowing random trivia and working the answers out. When we were there, the rounds were based on Hink Pink, Split Decision, Three of a Crime, Smart Mouth–where we had to come up with the longest word starting with T and ending in L–the winner was “transcontinental”, Lie-brary, and Sort it Out. It’s the perfect trivia night if you’re a team of just two people, because in some of these games, having too many people on a team can actually hurt a team if people start getting in each others’ ways.

But the games rounds are not all. In between trivia rounds, Jason invites representatives from each team to come up and play an optional board/card game (like 7-ate-9 or CooCoo the Rocking Clown–a really creepy version of Topple), and the winners of those games get extra points. Even better, he gives teams the chance to steal points from the leaders by beating them in games.  He also hands out random puzzles to teams to play during trivia for extra points.

Also, during the night, Jason reads out three Brain Teasers (basically math puzzles) that teams get extra points for if they get all three right. We spent all night and tons of paper trying to figure out the 6 numbers between 1 and 100 that have 12 factors, and it turns out most teams got it. 

Overall we really liked the night, the one thing we didn’t like is the way Wild Goose gets you to spend more money to get extra points: if you buy Jason a beer, you get a point; if you order a round of shots, you get 2 points. Oh, and also, my cell signal was really bad.

Without having to buy extra drinks, our little team of two people WON! We got 50% off that night’s bill (always a *huge* plus not to have to wait until a future visit), and an invitation to the Wild Goose Tournament of Champions, to be held in June.

All in all, a really fun night- and good trivia nights are getting harder to find. We definitely recommend a trip to Lincoln Square to try out Wednesday night trivia at Wild Goose.


  Wild Goose Bar and Grill
  4265 N. Lincoln, Chicago
  Free admission
  8pm to 10:15pm
  4 paws! (out of 4)

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