Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Grand River

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Grand River

Sasha and I were not in good moods when we entered Grand River for Wednesday night trivia a couple weeks ago.  First, we met at Waterhouse for their trivia night, but couldn’t find seats because of the Purdue game.  So we walked–in VERY unexpected snowfall–to the Shire for their trivia night, but all we found was a handwritten sign on the door saying that the bar was closed.  (Note: we’ve since discovered that their trivia night is canceled anyway.)  At that point, we were almost ready to just give up on trivia, when we decided to give it one more try, and drive down Lincoln to Grand River in Lincoln Park for their weekly Whaddayaknow trivia night.

Despite our initial bad attitudes, I can say with enthusiasm that Grand River hosts–by far–the best Whaddayaknow trivia night that we have been to.  We’re not huge fans of the question-song-question-song plus wagering format.  It usually takes way too long, and we prefer more trivia for our time.  However, somehow at Grand River, we were usually the last team to turn in our answers, and the host had to remind us a couple times to get our sheets in.  The questions weren’t that difficult, either, but they were challenging.  We don’t know how the host made the night go faster, but we liked it.  I think the fact that we won helped.  The winners — US — get $30 off their next meal at Grand River.

The winners of every round also get a free round of cherry bombs.  Not very many teams were there, maybe 10 at the most, so you have a good chance of winning shots at least once.  The bartender and her Filipino friend also played, which was fun!  

Despite our very low expectations, we really liked Grand River a lot.  Because we just don’t prefer the Whaddayaknow format, we can’t give it 4 paws, but it’s definitely worth checking out at least once.


  Grand River Bar & Grill
  3032 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
  8pm to 10:15pm
  Free admission
  3.5 paws (out of 4)

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