Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Jimmy Green's

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Jimmy Green's

Last week we traveled to the South Loop to play music trivia at Jimmy Green’s

I’m going to be honest, some of the night was bizarre.  But somehow it worked for the most part.  First of all, the host calls himself Nitro.  He’s a young guy (maybe early 20’s?) who is personable and very excited about hosting trivia.  We liked him a lot, even though he sometimes yells at the trivia players–in a joking way.  Nitro has a sidekick or someone who runs the audio system (more about the sidekick later). 

Trivia consists of a few rounds of music questions, that get more difficult as the night goes on.  Interspersed with those rounds are a couple handout rounds (identify the picture [musicians’ mugshots] and finish the song lyric) that are really the highlights of the evening.  The song lyric round is extra hard because the sidekick plays music really loudly during the round, so you can’t figure it out in your head.  Except when he plays one of the songs on the handout, like when he plays the entirety of “Baby Got Back” when one of the questions is “36-24-36?  ________________________________.”  (First person to leave a comment with the correct answer gets a prize.)

The DJ/sidekick made some other strange decisions during the night.  For example, right after Nitro asked what the two Frank Sinatra songs are most popular among U.S. karaoke singers, the DJ played “New York, New York.”  We almost talked ourselves out of the correct answer because we thought they were messing with us.  Turns out “New York, New York” was one of the right answers, along with the Filipino-murder-inspiring “My Way.”

One of our problems with the night was the fact that Nitro took *really* long breaks — sometimes frustratingly long — in between rounds.  One great thing about the night was when Nitro skipped a whole round because it was close to 10pm.  We really appreciated that because the night was getting pretty long.  Instead of the last music trivia round, Nitro skipped directly to the final Ball-Buster question, where every team can wager up to all of their points. 

Here’s what happened: Sasha and I were in first place going into the Ball Buster.  The question was “Which Pink Floyd song was banned in South Africa after it was adopted by supporters of school boycotts?”  We wagered all our points and answered “Brick in the Wall.”  We, along with all but 2 of the teams, got our Balls Busted and went bankrupt because of course the answer is “ANOTHER Brick in the Wall.”  Ugh!!!  So all but 2 teams ended up with 0 points.  Boo.  The winners got $50 off a future visit to the bar. 

The food was decent bar food.  They do have pretty good sweet potato tots that aren’t on the menu.  Jimmy Green’s also has its own brew: Jimmy Green’s South Loop Lager.  Other specials include 50 cent wings, 20% off bottles of wine, $3 Bud or Bud Light bottles or $15 buckets, and $5 O-Bombs. 

If you’re in the South Loop and/or you love music trivia, definitely check out Nitro’s trivia at Jimmy Green’s.



  Jimmy Green’s
825 S. State Street, Chicago
8pm to 10:15pm
Free admission
3 paws (out of 4)


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  • ACTUALLY, it's "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)".

  • segleke beat me to it, but yeah if they are going to demand the full title it is (Part 2)...also ONLY IF SHE'S 5'3" I don't need the prize, but I love that song..though no I am trying to remember if it's 5'3" or 5'7" but I'm sticking with 5'3"...anyway I gotta go play some workout tapes by Fonda

  • In reply to Etheridge2:

    pretty lame of them to take away points like that.

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