Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Crust

A couple of weeks ago we headed to Crust for their Thursday trivia night run by Let’s Go Trivia.  We’re fans of Let’s Go Trivia, which we’ve reviewed here and here, for always providing great hosts and original questions, so we had fairly high expectations.  They definitely delivered at this pizza joint (get it?!), and I’m happy to add Crust’s trivia night to the list of venues that I wholeheartedly recommend. 

A quick note about the venue: At first I was a little apprehensive.  Crust is definitely a restaurant, not a bar, so I was unsure if pub trivia would be a good fit.  But it worked out really well.  It seemed that a lot of the patrons played and those that didn’t weren’t really bothered.  I also appreciated the nice food and substantial beer and wine list at Crust…a nice change from the standard bar food we normally eat at trivia nights. 

Trivia consisted of 6 rounds focusing on general knowledge, Chicago, crossword clues, 80s and 90s music, celebrity siblings, and geography.  The questions were about of average difficulty, although we really struggled with the crossword round.  We found this crossword clue particularly weird/difficult: “4 letters, boot tool.”  Boot tool?  Boot tool?  What on earth is a boot tool?  Is that a tool you use to put on your boots, like a shoe horn?  Or is it a tool you use while wearing boots, like a jackhammer?  Even when we found out the answer was spur, we didn’t like that wording.  Boot tool?  Boot tool?  It just sounds awkward.  However, I did consult Wikipedia afterward and found that it defines spurs as a tools that go on a riding boots, so I guess I’m just out of touch on this. 

Trivia started promptly at 8pm and were finished at about 9:45pm.  Winners got two bottles of wine or two pitchers of beer.  The second place team got one bottle of wine or one pitcher of beer. 

Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to our waiter.  He gave us the wrong answer once but then redeemed himself by giving us the right answer twice.*  Thanks for the help and for the excellent beer recommendation.


2056 W. Division St., Chicago
Free Admission
3.5 Paws (out of 4)

*Note: we do not condone cheating.  However, if you are going to cheat with your waiter, tip him or her well. 

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