Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Racine Plumbing Bar & Grill

Last Wednesday we went to Wednesday night trivia at Racine Plumbing.  It’s run by the guys who were behind the fantastic (and now canceled) trivia night at Harrigan’s.  We know a lot of people were bummed when Harrigan’s trivia night ended, so we were pleased to see that the magic is back at Racine Plumbing.  

Location and parking: Great! It’s located in Lincoln Park, but not the have-to-drive-around-for-30-minutes-to-find-a-spot-5-blocks-away part of Lincoln Park.  There were plenty of available metered parking spots right across from the bar.  The bar itself doesn’t have the same Irish pub charm as their former venue, but it’s bigger with more seating.  Get there a bit before 8, and you’ll easily find a seat.

Trivia: Check plus! There are six rounds: a picture round (name that army general), a few general knowledge rounds (which regularly feature questions about Racine Plumbing bartender Sam…so you may want to stalk him on Facebook), a music round (one hit wonders from the 90s), and a physical challenge round. The physical challenge varies from
week to week; this week it was a contest to see which team could come up with the best handshake.  While other teams were doing the Macarena and tossing beer bottles as part of their elaborate handshakes, our plain and simple high five (why reinvent the wheel?) did not score well with the judges.  Oh well.  One of my favorite parts about trivia at Racine Plumbing is that the rounds are worth progressively
more points.  In the final round, questions are worth 50
points, and you lose
points for wrong answers.  If you are winning, you are never really safe.  If you are losing, you are never really out of the running.  And that’s pretty fun.

Food and drink: Thumbs up.  Specials include half price whiskey drinks, $3 Skyy vodka drinks, and $2 Bud Light drafts.   The menu was pretty standard, although there was one stand out item: The Grilled Charlie (inspired by Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). It’s a grilled bread with “peanut butter outside, chocolate inside, butter inside, cheese outside.”  If you’ve ever eaten this sandwich, please leave a comment and let us know how it was!

Prizes: Cash-tastic!  It costs $5 per person to play, and the first place team wins half of that pot.  Second and third place teams win money off their tab and some sort of bar swag.  Last place gets a truly terrible prize.  This week, bartender Sam did something gross in an empty iPhone 4 box and gave it to the losing team.  I’ll leave it at that.

Gripes: Our only gripe is that the night dragged on a little long.  There was a lot of downtime between rounds, and that definitely increased as the night went on.  Still, we were out by about 11pm, which isn’t terrible.

Racine Plumbing
2642 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago
4 paws! (Out of 4)!



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  • This is a fun quiz. Is the Grilled Charlie a burger? I had one and it was more like a grilled cheese... made by an insane bar janitor who went to chef school in Europe.

  • In reply to scribeguychi:

    The Grilled Charlie is not a burger on the show, and it is not a burger at the bar.

  • In reply to dthomann:

    Correction: Grilled Charlie is the correct name of that monstrosity. My bad.

  • In reply to sdavis:

    A Missouri fan would not have made that mistake.

  • In reply to dthomann:

    If Mizzou beats Kansas this year I will eat that sandwich.

  • In reply to sdavis:

    I hear Mangino was a fan...

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