Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Moher Public House

Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Moher Public House

Last Thursday, Sasha and I traveled waaaay north to Edgebrook to go to Moher Public House on Devon. We rarely drive so far to go to trivia, but it wasn’t too bad…I think we might make the trip again sometime. If you live in the area, I’d recommend making Moher a regular spot (for trivia or just for hanging out).

The fastest way for me to get to Moher requires a lot of highway time, which worried me, but once you get out of the Loop traffic, it’s smooth sailing and takes about just as long as taking Ashland to drive to Wrigleyville. Once you get there, there is a pretty big parking lot right next to Moher– which is one sign (aside from the long drive) that you’re pretty much in the suburbs.

Drink specials are $2.50 seasonal drafts (now they have Goose Island Winter and Sam Adams Winter). They also have some pretty-fancy-for-an-Irish-pub specials that aren’t really Irish like blackened catfish. But we didn’t go for the specials because guess what else they serve? That’s right- BOXTIES! That’s how you know you’re in a real Irish pub. Our server, Therese, told us that her entire family is hooked on Moher’s boxties… if that isn’t a strong recommendation, I don’t know what is, so I ordered the veggie variety. She also recommended the roasted vegetable sandwich, which Sasha ordered. Here’s a tip if you order that: the foccaccia that comes with the sandwich is super bready (you won’t be able to finish it) but do not switch it out! Other bread will just disintegrate with the juice of the veggies.

Trivia starts at 8:30pm, and you can arrive at 8:30 and still find a seat to play. The night is brought to you by Trivia Wizards, which takes the Team Trivia format but gets rid of its most annoying features. In Team Trivia, the host plays an entire song between every question, which is super annoying to true trivia lovers like ourselves. Trivia Wizards has the same question-song format. The host at Moher is Darren, who is really charming, adds some banter and commentary to the questions but not too much, and in the off time between rounds, is happy to talk about his pet dog. But the best thing Darren does is, if all teams turn in their answers before the song is over, he just ends the song and moves on to the next question. We LOVE THAT.

Trivia Wizards’ format consists of four rounds with 6 questions each. The questions in round one are each worth 1 point, the questions in round two are worth two points each, and so on. There is also a halftime question worth 12 points. During one of the rounds, Darren will also ask a nearly-impossible question worth $100 from his own pocket. Last week, it was a question about some obscure Japanese band that only he knows. That’s another thing about Darren- a lot of his commentary and bonus questions are about the songs…he’s a really big music fan. If you like music, especially obscure stuff, you and Darren will get along well. Therese tried to help us with a couple answers, but she was usually wrong. She’s really nice (tip the staff well!) but don’t rely on the servers for answers.

For the final question you can wager up to 20 points. And unlike other places, you have to wager before you hear the question. Darren announces the scores right before you have to wager, and we were in first place. We always get into trouble when it comes to wagering (Tip #2: if you’re in the running for top prize, it’s usually best to just bet zero points). So this time, since we were winning, we decided to bet conservatively and were complimented by Darren for our restraint. But then we overthought it, decided to employ some strategerie, and bet 15 points…enough to pull us down to third place if we got it wrong. Darren then asked which 1941 Ronald Reagan comedy shared a name with a Best Picture Oscar winner from the last 10 years. Do you know the answer? Click here for the our guess, which happened to be the very surprising answer! Who knew?  So much for comedy.

So we won! Pretty good for two people! The winners get $25 off the tab, which is not as good as cash but a LOT better than a gift certificate for the future. Since we only had a couple entrees and a couple winter beers each, we pretty much only had to pay for the tip. Even if you don’t win trivia, it’s a pretty cheap night out.

It’s pretty far from home, but parking is easy, dinner is cheap, it is very winnable, and Darren is fun. We might not be back because of the distance, but if you are closeby, definitely stop in and check it out.


  Moher Public House
  5310 W. Devon, Chicago
  8:30pm to 10:15pm
  Free admission
  3 paws (out of 4)

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