Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Four Treys

We’ve been to a ton of great Tuesday trivia nights (Globe, State, and Rocco’s, to name a few), but this week we wanted to try a new place.  We consulted our handy list of weekly trivia nights and headed to Four Treys in Roscoe Village.  It has its pluses (free popcorn!) and its minuses (it started late), but it is definitely a chill and unique trivia night that’s worth checking out– especially if the flashy and crowded trivia venues aren’t exactly your style. 

First, a description of Four Treys.  I think it’s fair to say that it’s a dive bar.  Cash only.  No food.  Cheap drinks ($2.50 PBR & 3 Jameson shots).  Lots of regulars.   Also, it’s a dog friendly bar which is kind of fun (unless you hate dogs).  A boxer and beagle played on the team sitting next to us, and I’m happy to report we placed higher than the pups.

Trivia is provided by Trivia Wizards which is almost exactly like Team Trivia. (For those of you who don’t know the Team Trivia format,
the host asks a question and then gives teams an entire song to
think about the answer, which amounts to too few trivia questions and too
much waiting around, in my opinion.)  I was pleased that the Trivia Wizards host was less slavish to the one song per question format.  If all the teams turned in their answers early, he ended the song early.  Based on my experience at Four Treys, Trivia Wizards > Team Trivia. 

Trivia is advertised as started at 8:30, but it actually started closer to 9 because the host waited for some stragglers to show up.  That’s not my favorite policy.  Start your trivia night on time every week, and people will show up on time every week.  I’ve got places to go (like my couch) and things to do (like watch the Colbert Report), so I’m not a fan of waiting around.

Trivia is played in four rounds of five questions each.  The point value increases as the night goes on.  After the first two rounds there’s a half-time question, a smoke break for the host, and then two more rounds.  After the last round there is a final question on which you can wager as many points as you have.  We went into the last question in second place and smartly wagered zero points.  No one got the final question right, so we moved into first place!  Congrats to us.

First place wins a $30 gift certificate to Four Treys.  The catch is that it is only redeemable during the following Tuesday’s trivia night.  Kinda lame.  In our opinion, second prize (free shots!) is a much better prize.

A few odds and ends…

  • We all liked the music selection in general, but one of our team members objected to the host playing the Barenaked Ladies version of  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen in August.  I am filled with the holidy spirit year round, so it didn’t bother me.
  • Free popcorn!  Towards the end of the trivia night, the bartender popped microwave popcorn for everyone.  Delish.
  • Tamale man!  Like many bars with no kitchen, they allow a few tamale vendors to come in.  Note: the trivia host informed us that the second tamale man has better offerings than the first.  It pays to hold off!

Overall, we had fun, drank cheap beer, and won, so we give it 3 paws!  Keep in mind: if you hate dogs, want a food menu, or crave fancy prizes, you probably won’t like it as much as we did. 

Four Treys
3333 N. Damen Ave., Chicago
8:30ish to 10:30
Free Admission



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    FYI, this one doesn't exist anymore. At least when we tried to go this Tuesday they said it was discontinued.

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    Thanks for the update! We'll change it on our list!

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