What We Learned at Weather Mark Tavern

Questions and answers from last Thursday’s trivia night at Weather Mark Tavern!


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  • Tyra Banks is NOT the first woman to appear on the cover of GQ, nor is she even the first woman to appear on the cover by herself. In the 50's and 60's several models were featured on covers of GQ (Most often just as window dressing, for the men they were with but still they were women and on the cover.) Tyra might have been the first supermodel on the cover, but Phyllis Diller graced the cover of the Winter Issue from 66-67 in nothing but a bow (It was a disturbing cover) She is probably the first female celebrity to grace a solo cover of GQ.

  • Here is a list of other noteworthy women to appear on the cover of GQ before Tyra, both solo and with others.

    Singer Rita Coolidge also appeared on a cover in the 70's alongside Kris Kristofferson. Brooke Shields was also on the cover as a young model (with a male model) in 1979. Actress Nancy Allen (with John Travolta), Geena Davis (With Jeff Goldblum), Julia Roberts graced the cover solo in Feb. 1991, Brodget Fonda in March of 92 was alone on the cover. Feb. 1994 Geena Davis again but this time solo. Uma Thurman in Feb. 1995 by herself. Sharon Stone in November 1995 by herself.

  • As always, Jeremy, you are correct. (Well, except when it comes to Arrested Development!!) She is the first SI swimsuit model to appear on the cover, NOT the first woman.

  • In reply to sdavis:

    Stupid Arrested Development.....ah well cannot win them all.

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