Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Elephant & Castle

Note: Elephant & Castle trivia nights are on an irregular schedule.  Call before you head out!

Our crew took a break from northside venues and headed to Elephant and Castle downtown to play trivia. 
Like any other trivia place in the downtown area, be prepared to take
public transportation or use all your quarters at a meter after an
endless search.

Elephant and Castle is a comfortable Irish/Scottish/English bar and
restaurant.  They serve traditional favorites such as bangers and mash,
shepherd’s pie, fish and chips (boxties were noticeably absent), and
their beer selection included plenty of beers on tap.

As for the trivia, it moved fast.  REALLY FAST.  That’s not a bad
thing at all.  In fact, their scheduled start time was 7 pm (and they
started at about 7:10), and they were done with all the trivia by 8:15. 
I mean, that’s probably early enough to make it to The Globe Pub
for another round (which we thought about doing).  The questions was in
handout format.  There were 30 general trivia questions (in multiple
choice format), 10 “Name That Tune” questions, 5 “Name That Flag”
questions, and a bonus round where they showed the cover for the movie
“The Birdcage” and asked us to name all the characters.  The general
trivia questions were really hard, but fair, and the “Name That Tune”
round was especially fun.

The first-place prize (which we won!) was a $25 coupon, which was
redeemable on that night.  There were only 3 teams playing, but that
didn’t detract from the glory of dominating the night.  The other point
to mention is that Elephant and Castle has trivia in 6-8 week seasons,
and since points are cumulative, there are seasonal prizes in addition
to weekly prizes.  I would also call ahead to be sure that they are
having weekly trivia, since the MC mentioned that they were going to
take a break in a few weeks.

+ FAST (but not furious)

+ Great music round

+ Friendly MC

+ Good food and beer

–  Parking blows

–  Only 3 teams

–  Call in advance to confirm

Note: This review was from our visit on May 21, 2009.  If you
think E & C Trivia has change enough to warrant a re-review,
please let us know!

Elephant & Castle
160 E. Huron St., Chicago
7pm to 8pm
Free admission
2 paws (out of 4)


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