Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Bucktown Pub

Last Thursday we went to Bucktown Pub for their trivia night.  Bucktown
used to be one of our favorites (read our enthusiastic first review here) and we happily recommended it to
everyone looking for a Thursday night place to play. But last Thursday
we discovered Bucktown’s trivia night recently gained a new host and lost a bunch of its charm. In a word, it was meh.

Let me start by saying that last Thursday could have been an anomaly.  The host mentioned that he had a crazy week and couldn’t prepare as thoroughly as he usually does.  He had to rely on Trivial Pursuit cards for questions in the first round.  Bucktown regulars what do you think?  Was last week average or an anomaly?  
The night got off to a rough start when the host began gathering team names.  Instead
of going table to table to ask teams for their names or alternatively
asking teams to come up to him to tell them their names, he instead
remained seated and asked the teams to just shout their names out.  The
bar is loud and totally packed, mind you, so it went a little something like this:  “Hey team in the corner, what’s your name?  What?  Cream Cheese? What? Blue Jeans?  What? Dream Team?  Ok I can’t hear you so I’m calling you guys Cream Cheese.” 
It was pretty annoying. I get that it’s trivia, not dinner with the
Queen, but a little more courtesy and preparation might not be a bad idea.

The first round (based on Trivia Pursuit questions) dragged on for
almost and hour and we thought about leaving.  Luckily, grading is done
by trading papers with your neighbors which really speeds things up.  The remaining rounds– which included a picture round, a speed round, and a current events round– were also a lot quicker
than the first one and the night finished at a respectable 10:45ish. 

Props to the host for both the picture round and the speed round.  In the picture round he fooled everyone by showing us a picture of the Leaning Tower of Niles, which just about everyone thought was the leaning Tower of Pisa.  In the speed round we had to name as many Kevin Costner movies as we
could in a minute, which was surprisingly hard.  We were a bit embarrassed that we only came up with
7.  Then again, Kevin Costner should be a bit embarrassed he made the
film Waterworld. 

More details: I’d recommend getting there by 7:45 on Thursdays.  The
place fills up fast and we saw several teams playing at the bar or
standing up.  I’d also recommend sitting near the popcorn maker for easy
access. The prizes are rounds of shots and drinks, so if you aren’t
into alcohol, this place might not be for you.  If you are, cheers!

While I’m no longer a fan of their trivia night, I still love Bucktown Pub. 
It’s a cute little pub with a great beer menu.  They don’t serve food but
there is free popcorn and a tamale vendor who comes by occasionally. 


Bucktown Pub
1658 W. Cortland, Chicago
8:30pm to 10:45pm
Free admission
2 paws! (out of 4)


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  • Damn I grew up by the leaning tower of Niles I would have gotten that one for sure....if nothing else he gets props for that.

  • You are exactly right Sasha.
    What was once an interesting and lively night of trivia has been turned into a sad, slow shell of what it once was.
    The host becomes an annoyance to the conversation or the game on the tv. They would be well advised to find a new host.

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