Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Fat Cat

Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Fat Cat

We’re always really excited to hear about a new trivia night opening up in Chicago.  So when we heard from @AdamExport that Fat Cat in Uptown started trivia on Wednesday nights, we definitely had to check it out.  We were not disappointed!

Trivia starts a little later than most, at 8:30pm, but don’t be nervous about the late start time.  The game only consists of 3 rounds, including one name-that-picture, so we got out before 10.  We sometimes get a little (or a lot) impatient at the last round of a long trivia night…but this game is short enough that you don’t have time to get tired of it! 

Fat Cat hasn’t been doing a great job of advertising trivia– it’s not even on their website.  As a result, we got there right at 8:30 and easily got a table.  In just their second week, however, they do seem to be attracting trivia regulars.  One way Adam does this is by awarding the second place team the chance to pick a the topic for one of the rounds the following week.  The catch is, Adam won’t say what the hand-picked round is until it begins, so if you weren’t there last week, you are just S.O.L.  (Since we were there last week, we will divulge that this week’s special round is: “The original Star Wars trilogy before George Lucas [effed] it up.”)  The winning team gets a $50 gift certificate to Fat Cat–that you have to use on another night.

This week’s rounds were really fun: general knowledge, sports, and a handout where you had to identify board games based on pictures of their pieces (for example: racecar = Monopoly).  We actually did pretty well on the sports round, scoring an impressive-for-Sasha-and-Cate 8 out of 10 points.    

Specials include $7.95 Sloppy Joes & fries and $4 Berghoff Red.  If you’re not into fancy beers, they also have PBR on tap.  Because there weren’t very many teams (maybe 6 or 7), grading between rounds was fast.  Like I said, we were out of there around 10pm and we even spent a few minutes talking to the host Adam, who is really nice.  If you get a chance, say hi to him!

Trivia at Fat Cat is definitely worth checking out.  We hope it sticks around for a while!


   Fat Cat
   4840 N. Broadway, Chicago

   8:30pm to 10pm
   Free admission
   3.5 paws (out of 4)

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