Review: Thursday Night Trivia at Vines on Clark

Once upon a time we had a hard time finding places to play trivia on
Thursday nights, but things have definitely changed.  Trivia nights are getting more and more popular
throughout the city (there are even some on Sundays!), including a lot
of options for Thursday nights.  Last week we ventured to Vines on Clark to
check out one of Wrigleyville’s Thursday night trivia spots.

Vines on Clark is obviously located on Clark (duh) right by Wrigley
Field.  You know the drill with the area: easy to get to by bus and
train, paid parking on the street.  Trivia starts at 8pm and there’s plenty
of seating so you won’t have trouble walking in just a few minutes
before the start time.  Thursday night specials include 1/2 price burgers,
$10 domestic pitchers, and $15 import pitchers.  The menu is pretty big and consists of a lot more than just standard bar food.

The place is big with about 20 teams showing up.  It’s also really
loud.  Even though the host uses a microphone and speakers, it’s really,
really hard to hear him.  Like really hard.  We definitely missed out
on a few questions because we couldn’t hear him.  Hint: the host wore a
Ryne Sandberg jersey, so if you can’t hear a question, just guess
Sandberg and maybe you’ll get lucky. 

Last week trivia consisted of 6 rounds: 3 rounds of general trivia, a
round of pop culture trivia, a round of movie trivia, and a round in
which we had to name the ingredients of popular cocktails.  We enjoy a
drink (or four), but it turns out we don’t know the difference between a
sea breeze and a bay breeze, and we did pretty terribly on that round.  That round being the exception, the questions were of medium difficulty.  It was actually
harder to hear the questions than to answer them– especially towards
the end of the night when the Thursday night revelers started pouring

First prize won bleacher seat tickets to the Sox/Cubs game.  Although a
lot of teams showed up, it seemed like more than half dropped out by the
end, so your odds of winning are pretty decent if you stick around. 

We didn’t love the night…but if the sound system worked a little
better we might have liked it.  Have you been to Vines?  Leave a comment and tell us what you think! 


Vines on Clark
N. Clark St., Chicago
8pm to 10:30pm
2.5 paws (out of 4)

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