Reivew: Wednesday Night Trivia at Flounders

Tonight we went to Flounders,
the new venue for Local Option‘s regular trivia host, Rex.  Local
Option canceled their trivia night a few months back, but fear not Local
Option fans!  Trivia is basically the same at Flounders as it was at
Local Option, just in a cheaper, less classy joint.  Good news for those
of you who are feeling this economic crisis; bad news for those of you
who love Delirium Tremens.

It costs $5 a person to play.  The second place team gets their entry
fee back, and the winning team gets the rest of the pot.   The best
team name also gets a free round of shots.  This week the winning team
name was Team Flick My Bean.  I was not a fan of them or their name.  We
were Team Prince Chunk, naming ourselves after a 40 pound cat
originally named Princess Chunk by the Humane Society  because they
couldn’t find his junk under all that chunk.

The website advertises some pretty good specials.  Unfortunately, our
waitress denied that these specials existed, so order with caution. 
The food was your standard bar food: burgers, sandwiches, salads.  I had
chili (yes, in the summer!) and it was delish.

We kinda have a love/hate relationship with the host, Rex.  Our main
beef with him is that he doesn’t know when to quit.  During music rounds
he plays way too much of the songs.  Also, when he asks a trivia
question, he often ends up giving away way too many clues.  For example,
tonight he asked which singer do the Huxtable
kids lipsync to
in an episode of the Cosby Show.  He then proceeded to sing the song.  And
he then mentioned that the singer’s first name was Ray.  Lame.

Still, he’s a super friendly guy who clearly loves his job.  To that I
say congrats, Rex, you’re livin’ the dream.

Trivia was played in 7 rounds: 2 general knowledge rounds, a matching
round, a picture round, a music round, an awesome round all about the Cosby Show, and one final
general knowledge round that was worth double points.  This week the
matching round required us to match presidents with their number (give
it up for #44!).  The music round featured music from 2001 and included
songs by Evan and Jaron, KC and
, and Shaggy.  Sigh.  It was pretty great.  I heart Evan
and Jaron.

We were in the lead going into the final round but ended up tying for
second place.  We lost the tiebreaker: how many championship rings does
Phil Jackson have?  Even though we got it wrong, we thought it was a
pretty blasé question to ask as a tiebreak.  I thought a more
interesting question might have been: on what appendages does Phil
Jackson display his 12 rings?  But no one asked me.

Despite our disappointing finish, I had a great time.  There were a
lot of shoulda woulda coulda questions for us…last minute we
ended up erasing our correct answer and writing in an incorrect answer. 
And I think that’s a sign of a great trivia night.  It’s a challenge
but still within reach.  That also means we’re definitely within
striking distance.  So prepare to hand us your cash next time we come to

Note: This
review was from our visit on July 29, 2009.  If you think trivia at Flounders has changed enough to warrant a re-review,
please let us know!


  Flounders Bar and

2201 N. Clybourn Ave., Chicago
$5 admission
2.5 paws (out of 4)


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  • That and Phil Jackson really only has 11 Championship Rings, he didn't play a minute for the 69-70 Knicks team that won the title, he had back surgery and missed the whole year. He probably got a ring, but it shouldn't really count as he wasn't actually on the roster

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