The 2010 World Quizzing Championships in Chicago!

Exciting news for true trivia buffs in Chicago–the 2010 World Quizzing Championships are being held in Chicago on Saturday, June 5, 2010 at noon at the Sulzer Regional Library (4455 N. Lincoln Ave.)

The Championships are in the form of a written test taken by individuals. The event is conducted around the globe–this year, in 27 countries. Each competitor faces the same questions (translated as necessary) at approximately the same time. There are 240 questions, divided into eight categories, and two hours in which to answer them (during one hour halves with a break in between). At the end of the allotted time, the papers are marked and each quizzers’ top seven category scores will be added together to find the winner.

The categories [and general content areas] are a combination of
academic and popular culture topics, including:

  • Culture
    [Architecture, Fine Arts, Philosophy, Museums, Religion, Mythology]
  • Entertainment
    [Music (Classical, Blues, Film Score, Jazz, Rock, World), Ballet,
    Musicals and Operas, Radio, Television]
  • History
    [{(<450AD),(450-1492),(1492-1900),(1900-date)}, Current Affairs,
    Explorations, Famous People, Civilizations]
  • Lifestyle [Costume,
    Design, Fashion, Food & Drink, Handicrafts, Health & Fitness,
    Human Body, New Age Beliefs, Products & Brands, Tourism]
  • Media
    [Movies {(1900-1980), (1980-2000), (recent)}, Literature
    {(<1900),(1900-1980),(recent)}, Poetry, Drama, Comics, Language]
  • Science
    [Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Social Sciences, Fauna, Flora]
  • Sport
    [Track and Field, Team Sports, Motor Sports, Winter Sports, Games,
    Hobbies & Pastimes, Records]
  • World [Geography, Cities,
    Space, Technology, Transport, Inventions]

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information go to:

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The event is free to enter, but
you do have to RSVP to


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