Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at PitchFork

Talk about having all the odds stacked against him–last Wednesday at Avondale’s PitchFork Food & Saloon, trivia host Sharone had to compete not only with the hottest group of men on ice since The Mighty Ducks 3 (or at least, Joshua Jackson), but also with Cinco de Mayo.  A lesser trivia night would have been a miserable failure.  But the trivia night at PitchFork was so well-run that we hardly even noticed the distractions.  We look forward to returning on a normal day!

PitchFork is owned by the same people responsible for Rebel, Waterhouse, and Bluelight.  Parking is easy and the restaurant is really cute!  It looks like a saloon but not in a cheesy Great America way.  We got there at around 7:30 and had no problem getting a table, but it filled up before trivia started at 8pm.  The menu is heavy on meat and BBQ, boasting championship chili and the Cordis Brothers Ribs, which were voted #1 at 2009 Ribfest.  They love meat so much that they put chicken in Sasha’s cheese quesadillas.  However, my southwest salad was mostly lettuce.  I think next time we’ll just go ahead and try the barbecue.

If you prefer a liquid dinner, PitchFork has over 40 whiskeys on its whiskey list.  They also offer half price bottles and glasses of wine and $6-32 oz glasses of Leinenkugel.   

Trivia is brought to you by Let’s Go trivia, with seven rounds of seven or eight questions.  This week we were quizzed on general knowledge, TV, movies & games, sports, and we caught a huge break with questions about THE LAW!  As usual, the questions were great…not too difficult, not too easy, and a great music round.  We always get really excited about TV theme songs.  The handout round was really unique–we had to identify car makes–but not ideal for a couple of girls.  It was a little weird at times because the bar would occasionally turn the sound on for the Blackhawks game (BIG BUFF!), so Sharone would read a few questions really fast and then have to take a break between the next few questions. 

That being said, we had a good time at trivia and barely even noticed much difference.  Definitely check out Wednesday nights at PitchFork and tell them we sent you!


  PitchFork Food & Saloon
  2922 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago
  Free admission
  8pm to 10pm

  3.5 paws (out of 4)

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