Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Burwood Tap

Here’s a trivia question for you: Where can you go for a free
all-you-can eat buffet and a great night of trivia?  Answer: Burwood Tap
in Lincoln Park.  Every weeknight from 8-10 they have a free buffet and
on Wednesdays from 9-11 they run a fantastic trivia night.  Everyone
who is broke and/or loves trivia definitely needs to check out Burwood
Burwood Tap is a great neighborhood bar with a fun atmosphere and
pretty enticing daily specials.  On Wednesdays well drinks and domestic
beers are $3 and pitchers of select beers are $11.  Like every week
night, there’s also a free buffet.  (The buffet varies, but on Wednesday
it’s pasta and meatballs.)  Bonus: there’s always free popcorn!  FYI
the waitstaff there is awesome.  Our server was super attentive and
eager to disqualify cheaters during trivia.   What a woman!

Trivia consists of 6 rounds.  Last week the rounds were: general trivia,
a handout round, a geography round, a round in which we had to identify
famous people based on clues, and a music round featuring punk music. 
The geography round was pretty creative– we had to identify cities
around the world based on their airport codes.  The host is a soccer fan
and hinted that he regularly asks questions about the sport.  That’s
great news for you if you know any soccer players beyond David Beckham
and Pele.  Which we don’t.

There’s a limit of 6 person per team.  The winning team gets a $20 gift
card and a free pitcher of beer and a round of shots.  The second place
team gets to pick a topic for one of the rounds next week (which is how
we ended up with round about punk music). 

The place was packed and a lot of the teams wore Burwood Tap shirts, so
obviously this place is doing a lot right and getting repeat customers. 
We’d definitely recommend it for trivia lovers and lovers of
free food alike. 

Oh, one more thing.  There’s a sign in the bar that says if you text
“Burwood” to 95495 you and 10 friends will get free food and drinks for 1
hour at Burwood Tap.   If you do it and it actually works, don’t forget to invite the girls from Chicago Hearts Trivia to share in your free happy hour!


Burwood Tap

W. Wrightwood
Ave., Chicago
9pm – 11pm
Free Admission
3.5 Paws (out of 4!)

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