Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at The Fifty/50

Another go at team trivia, this time at The Fifty/50
Despite what most of my other teammates have been saying, I like team trivia.  It allows for
more time to think about the questions as well as more time to socialize
with your team.   The obvious drawback is having to
socialize with your team (likely the reason the rest of my team hates
this format).

The drink specials on trivia night are $4 Goose Island 312 and
seasonal and $2 Mickey’s Hand Grenades (kaBOOM).  The always special PBR
is always $3 for a normal sized can.  There are no food specials.  The
wings are generously sized with tasty sauces, however it is important to
remember that wings and trivia are a messy mix.  Your team had best
designate someone to abstain from the wings and write answers.  It is
shameful to hand in a stained answer sheet.

The Fifty/50 runs an independent team trivia.  There are 6 rounds
with 3 questions each.   One favorable twist here is that you can wager
points after all three questions have been read.  Less trips to the
scoring table = good for lazy people.  Also there is no big final
wagering round with the opportunity to lose up to 15 points.  There are two

bonus rounds.  One is to list as many ingredients as possible to a
certain shot (ours: Russian Quaalude) and the closest team wins a round
of them (we did not win).  The other was a speed round where a
representative from each team tried to answer a question fastest
with the winning team getting a round of PBR cans (we DID

Rounds were pretty random (Pirates, Sports, Philosophy, Eastern
Religion, Comic Book Movies, and Finish The Lyric).  Finish the
lyric  was kind of like “The Singing Bee” (remember “The Singing
“?) except with the actual trivia host actually singing and
playing the songs on an actual guitar.  This was a bit surprising.  He
indulged himself by playing probably more of the song that he had to,
but, when you have an audience literally hanging on your every word, why
not?  He is about as good as that guy your college dorm who would strum
his guitar all the time to score chicks.  Remember that guy?  Did you
think he was good?

In the end we had highs and lows.  We had our first zero point round
in team trivia (low).  We won a round of PBR’s (high).   When it all
shook down, we got second place.   Our prize: a $25 gift
certificate good anytime except that night, Fridays, weekend days, prime
numbered days, and days in which the dew point ranges 45-65 degrees. 

It was fun and I might go back (if the dew point were favorable), but
no one else on my team would, so the point is moot.  Strum on,
brother.  Strum on.

Note: This review was from our visit on April 19, 2009.  If you
think Tuesday night trivia at The Fifty/50 has changed enough to warrant
a re-review,
please let us know!


The Fifty/50
2047 W. Division St., Chicago

8pm to 10:15pm

Free admission

2 Paws (out of 4)

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