Revisit: Tuesday Night Trivia at State

Which is further south: the Bahamas, Bermuda, or Key West?

If you said Key West, Congratulations!  You got a point at this week’s trivia night at State!  Too bad you weren’t right.

For the second week in a row, we had a big problem with one of our questions.  If
you look at a map, the Bahamas are *clearly* further south than Key
West.  When we showed a Google map to the host, he agreed to award us a
point for the Bahamas, but rather than acknowledging that he was wrong,
he simply told us to look at a globe.


is a little north of Key West, but the Bahamas go further south than
even Havana!

We’ve talked a lot (both on this blog and on ChicagoNow radio with Sarah Spain)
about the amazing prizes at State, so we decided to go back and try to
compete.  We got off to a fantastic start– we have once spent upwards of
20 minutes looking for a parking spot around the area, but on Tuesday,
we got the absolute closest spot to State’s front door.  We also got
pretty much the best waitress ever, #27 J. Nolan, was extremely helpful
and friendly all night, even though the restaurant was packed.  This
week, we were also treated with a visit from the Absolut Berri Acai
girls, who served us free shots of Absolut Berri Acai Sours.  Ugh, they
were not good.  They were so sugary that we felt like we needed to brush
our teeth right away.      

As usual, this week featured seven rounds of seven questions each:
general knowledge, TV & movies, sports, name-that-movie-song, a
Price is Right-style picture round (choose the correct price from
Walmart), and the final Ball Buster round.  The speed round had us name
as many U.S. Presidents as possible in 90 seconds for $100.  We thought
we did really well, but shockingly, the winning team got 38 presidents
in 90 seconds!  We’ll never figure out how teams write that fast.

Regardless of the few problems we had with some of last week’s
questions, the prizes make State a four paw trivia night.  They still
give away $800 for first place and $200 for second place.  Toward the
end of the night, the host also hosted a massive raffle, with prizes
from a Sherlock Holmes DVD to a Cuisinart sandwich press to a GPS to an
iPad(!!!).  No other trivia night even comes close to the awesome prizes
offered by State.  There’s also the lockbox: every team has a chance to guess the three-digit code to open a box of cash.  This week’s lockbox contained $1400 and $50 is added every week no one gets it.  State is clearly not feeling the recession like everyone else…or they have some great sponsors. 

With 59 teams playing this week (and sometimes close
to 100), your odds of winning anything are very low.  But if you do
win, life suddenly gets a lot better.

   State Restaurant & Cafe
   935 W. Webster Ave., Chicago
8pm to 10:30pm
Free admission
4 Paws! (out of 4)


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  • Starting May 4th Bull & Bear will be doing trivia on Tuesday nights, and I am trying to get them to compete with State in terms of prizes, stay tuned for more details...either way its going to be the most technically advanced trivia I've ever done ;)

    Oh and the one time I went to State they had 2 questions where they had the wrong answers..

    For the record Inagua is the furthest South of all the Islands of the Bahamas and is 21.05682 degrees North Latitude and Grand Bahama (which is probably what he meant is the furthest North at 26.39 degrees North Latitude). The Florida keys are also several islands, of which Key West sits at 24.33 degrees North latitude and the Keys in general span from about 23.5 Degrees North to 25.5 Degrees North.

    The best way to ask that questions is which city is furthest South, Hamilton in Bermuda
    Freeport in the Bahamas
    Key West, Florida

    In which case the answer is Key West

    Though at least he didn't mess up a question about Arrested that would have been bad...;)

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