Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Schoolyard

Last Tuesday we headed to one of our old favorite trivia joints,
Schoolyard Tavern in Lakeview.  It’s been a while since
our last visit, and my how things have changed.  New host, new specials,
and bigger crowds.  Based on the droves of people there, they must be
doing a lot right.  But we left feeling pretty unimpressed.

Schoolyard can be counted on for good food
and good specials.  The new Tuesday night specials include $5 appetizers
and $3 Sam Adams.  It costs twice as much as the $5 apps, but I’m
extremely loyal to their southwestern taco salad. 

consists of 7 rounds covering sports, general knowledge, movies, music
and TV.  Last Tuesday there was a speed round in which you had to name as many
baseball teams as you could in 90 seconds. There’s also a random dance round that we did not participate in.  I think you get points just for participation, so if you are in contention you should probably just force one of your teammates to boogie down.  

The host also gives out
prizes (a round of shots, a pitcher of beer, a DELICIOUS
skillet cookie) for the high scoring team from each round.  If there is
a tie for the top score, there’s a
beer chugging contest to determine the winner.  We participated in one
of these chug-offs, and our teammate won in what the host said was the
most amazing display of chugging ability he’d ever seen (this man makes
his living hanging out at bars, mind you).  We were rewarded with a
round of shots, but the skillet cookie still eludes us.


questions were generally pretty fun and well-written, but it was so loud
in there we could barely hear them.  For some reason, the bar also
plays music while the host is talking, so coming with teammates that can
read lips or sitting as close to the host as possible is advised. We actually missed out on a few points because we couldn’t hear the
questions and so help me God, if I ever again miss out on winning a skillet cookie
because of bad acoustics I will flip out.

One more minor fault was a question we got in round two.  See if you
can get it: Who is third in line for the presidency?  We get
this exact question all the time at trivia nights and the answer always
varies.  Way too many hosts, including Schoolyard’s, say that the answer
is Speaker of the House, counting the President and Vice President as
first and second in line.  This is ridiculous because the President
isn’t in line for the presidency! The correct answer is President Pro Tempore, who is third in line after the Vice President and Speaker of
the House.  In the words of the guy who is first in line for the
presidency, Joe Biden, presidential succession is a big f-ing deal, so get it

The prizes are pretty standard.  The first place gets 50% off their
Second and third places get 25% and 10% off, respectively. 

we we had a good time, but Schoolyard is no longer a favorite.  We miss the
quirky old host…and being able to to hear the questions.  But the bar
was pretty packed, so maybe we are just getting “can’t you kids keep
it down”
old.  What do you think about Schoolyard?  Leave a comment
if you disagree with our review. 

Oh, and a word to the wise:  if you sit at the table underneath the 4
giant TVs,
you have an unfortunate view straight into the men’s urinals every time
the bathroom door swings open.  Another fun fact about Schoolyard:
Friday nights are “Cougar Fridays.”


Schoolyard Tavern

3258 N. Southport,
3 paws! (out of 4)


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  • What is a skillet cookie? glad you know the order of succession...makes your family proud!

  • In reply to summergirl:

    A skillet cookie is only the most delicious invention in the world. A hot, bubbling cookie served fresh out of the oven in a skillet.

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