Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Rocks

This Tuesday we headed to Rocks in Lincoln Park for trivia.  It’s been a
while since we’ve been to Rocks, but we used to go semi-regularly just a
few months ago.  Back then, unless you arrived well over an hour before
trivia started at 8pm, you wouldn’t get a table.  You could barely get
through the door. This time we arrived at 6:30pm to a nearly empty bar.  We waited and waited for crowds to come.  Maybe it was a
fluke; maybe it was the nice weather; maybe it was the
new host…but just like a My Super Sweet 16 episode gone bad, not a
ton of people showed up.

Oh, well.  Fewer people meant more individual attention from our super
nice waitress-in-training.  The specials last Tuesdays included $4 Summit beers,
$5 glasses of wine, and select half-price appetizers.  Although we
generally love eating on the cheap, we’ve never been a fan of Rocks
appetizer specials.  Last night’s menu featured Greek nachos.  That’s
pita chips topped with Greek fixings like gyro meat and tzatziki sauce
smothered with feta cheese.  I love Greek food and I love nachos…but
never the two should meet.  We’d suggest you pay a little more and stick
to the regular menu which features a lot of sandwiches and salads and
really good waffle fries.  FYI they’re having a contest right now where you can invent your own burger.  The winner gets to eat his or her invention for free for a whole month. Head to Rocks for more info. 

Trivia is played in 6 rounds and consists of your pretty standard
general knowledge, pop culture, music, science, television, and a challenging final round.  We love their music round as the host plays just the right amount of the songs so that it isn’t too easy.  We thought the questions got harder as the night went on.  But maybe we just got drunker. 

The new host did a
fine job.  He’s not quite as lovable as the old host, but he keeps the night moving at a nice pace.  A partner helps him with the grading so there is little down time.

There’s no team limit at Rocks, and most of the teams that showed up
last night were on the bigger size.  Small teams are at a huge
disadvantage so think about inviting a few extra friends if you head to
Rocks.  Don’t have any extra friends?  Consider going someplace with a
size limit.

The first place team gets $50 to spend at Rocks and The Table of Honor.  (It sounds pretty snazzy but it’s just a table with a ‘reserved’ sign on it).  The second place team gets $25 to spend at Rocks.  And the third place team gets to pick a topic for one of the rounds next week.  The sixth place team (that was us!) gets nothing.

Nonetheless, we had some good food, drank some good beer, played some fun trivia,
and were out the door by 10pm.  A pretty nice little night.  But we’re
curious….what happened to the crowds?  Was last night a fluke or have
things really tapered off at Rocks?  If you’re a regular, leave us a
comment and let us know.  


Rocks Lincoln Park
1301 W. Schubert Ave., Chicago
8pm to about 10:30pm
Free admission
3 paws (out of 4)

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