Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Paddy Long's

A little Chicago Hearts Trivia history: when we first started playing trivia, we only ever played at one place.  Every Tuesday afternoon, we would have the same conversation:

“Where should we go: Clybar or Paddy Long’s?”
“Let’s go [back] to Clybar.”

We loved Clybar.  They had $1 tacos, the host always smelled like she just stepped out of the Body Shop, and we always did really well at the trivia.  There was no reason to go elsewhere.

After Clybar trivia was canceled, we started trying different trivia nights (and blogging about them) and didn’t make it to Paddy Long’s for a long time.  And what a shame, because it is a great time.

We heard somewhere that the Paddy Long’s MC also hosts at Harrigan’s
We couldn’t tell, because he’s pretty non-descript, and that’s a
complement.  See, we have a theory that there are two kinds of trivia
hosts: (a) those that think trivia night is a forum for the host to talk
(or sing)
much as possible
, and (b) those that realize that trivia players
pretty much just want the host to read the questions and nothing else
(with exceptions).

Paddy Long’s trivia is pretty similar to Harrigan’s…there’s a picture
identification round (obscure Simpsons characters), a few general
knowledge rounds, and a music round (VMA winners).  Each round increases
in points (but not necessarily difficulty), until the last round where
each question is worth 50 points and you can lose points for incorrect
answer.  The biggest difference is that there isn’t a physical
challenge round
at Paddy Long’s, so our team was not rewarded for
looking like this:

Beijing Olympic Village Opens

Most of the time we rely heavily on our medical teammates
for their knowledge of body parts and infectious diseases, but this
time our combined possession of a law degree and a Kansas driver’s
license (and our interest in civil rights) worked to our advantage as we
got several questions on Brown vs. Board of Education.

Admission is $5 per person.  First and second place get cash prizes, and
third place gets some kind of bar swag.  The food specials are pretty
good: there’s always the beer of the month, $4 varieties of
Sierra Nevada, and $6 paninis.  Parking was easy, too. 

The best part was, we were out of there before 10:30pm.  Trade-and-grade
and the absence of unnecessary banter really sped things along.  After
last week’s hellish fourth hour at Bar Louie (and our guest reviewer’s
similar experience at Finn McCool’s), it’s nice to know that there are
still places out there considerate enough to remember that most of us
have to get up and go to work the next morning.

Note: This review was from our visit on October 6, 2009.  If you think Tuesday night trivia at Paddy Long’s has changed enough to warrant a re-review,
please let us know!


Paddy Long’s
  1028 W. Diversey Pkwy., Chicago
8pm – 10:15pm
$5 admission (portion of pot goes to winners)
3 Paws (out of 4)



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  • Thanks for the cute reference to Yao Ming. He'll be back in action NEXT season.

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