Gross Fast Food Options!

The new KFC Double Down: Two slices of Monterey Jack & pepper jack cheese, two slices of bacon, and special sauce sandwiched between two fried chicken breasts.  Um, gross. 

In honor of the Double Down, we’ve compiled trivia about gross fast food options of the past and present.  Try not to gag at the sight of them! 

Did we forget your favorite/least favorite gross fast food items?  Leave a comment!
Intrigued by the Double Down but don’t want to actually have to eat one?  Check out the RedEye’s reader reviews.

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  • I feel like I ingested 1,000 calories just looking at that stuff.

  • In reply to sdavis:

    Eat crap..even late! =

  • In reply to sdavis:

    That Double Down does look pretty nasty!


  • In reply to sdavis:

    I heard some guy on the radio say that he ordered a side of mashed potatoes and gravy to use as a dipping sauce for his Double Down. Inspired.

  • In reply to sdavis:

    Concerning the Taco Bell Bacon Cheesy Potato Burrito, dunno how good this is, but a lot of Mexican places in Arizona offer potatoes in burritos.

  • In reply to sdavis:

    I like White Castle's chicken rings.

    The problem with Hardee's Thickburger is that it's massively overrated.

  • Patton Oswalt's great line about the KFC Famous Bowl: "a failure pile in a sadness bowl".

    And I don't care what anyone thinks, the McRib is disgusting.

  • The Western Michigan Whitecaps a minor league baseball team made headlines when they offered the 5/3 burger (5/3 Bank sponsors their ballpark)anyway the Burger is

    "5/3 lbs (1.66) of beef with lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream, chili and Fritos on an eight-inch sesame seed bun.

    The team says it feeds one to four people and sells for $20, and if a person finishes the Fifth Third Burger in one sitting, the team will offer up a Fifth Third Burger T-shirt."

    Google it and look at a picture and you won't want to eat for a week.

    Also up at Crabby Kim's Bikini Bar(Really you don't go there for the food) but they serve up a 2LB Burger and if you finish it in 30 minutes you get your picture taken with the 2LB championship belt and hung on the wall. 3655 N. Western Ave.

  • Pretty sure you made up McLobster.

  • In reply to aaronscott:

    Tell that to the fans of the "Bring Back the McLobster" facebook page:

  • In reply to cmanning:

    Well played.

  • In reply to cmanning:

    Blech! That's Hardee's burger look like decaying garbage! This entry is featured on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

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