Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Mary's Rec Room

Last Tuesday we played trivia at Mary’s Rec Room where the host insists there is just one rule, no questioning the host, and the crowd consistently breaks that rule.  Ok, so there are a few kinks to work out, but Mary’s is on its way to being a great trivia night. 
The specials: $3 Bud Wheat, $3 off all martinis, and $2 PBRs.  We automatically buy (and photograph, see slide show) PBRs whenever they are on the menu, so we were pretty pleased. 

The trivia
: It starts at 8pm and consists of 6 rounds.  The winning team from each round gets free shots.  It seemed like pretty much every team excelled in at least one round, so just about everyone snagged some free shots.  Yay for equality!

Like I said earlier, the host still has a few kinks to work out.  At the beginning of the night, he announced that he was always right…but the audience was quick to question him and the host deferred to the crowd a lot.  That’s great if you love democracy, bad if you’re looking for a quick trivia night. 

Still, the questions were fun and of a good variety.  They covered music, war, nature, the 1980s, and farm animals.  I especially liked the war round, and it’s probably a good topic for everyone to study up on.  Military firsts seem to be pretty common trivia topics.

The prizes: At the end of the night, we were tied with our neighbors, Team Sexual Napalm.  *Major props* to the host for letting the other teams know their standings so they could leave while we squared off in a tie breaker that required us to name the last 4 Jack Nicholson films.  We’re generally pretty pop culture saavy, but we really struggled to think of 4 recent Jack Nicholson films.  There’s that one where he’s old and he dates the young girl, right? There’s that other one where he’s old and he’s got a list maybe? Some how we managed to get all four: The Bucket List, The Departed, Something’s Gotta Give, and Anger Management. 

We snagged $30 in Hamburger Mary’s gift certificates.  Our defeated rivals got a bag filled with goodies. 

We may have won first place, but Sexual Napalm definitely derserves a prize for their awesome team name.  Ours was so lame I can’t even remember it a week later.

The host: The night is hosted by Kevin (who goes by Teri Yaki on her MySpace page!) who is delightful.  He takes a lot of input from the audience, which can be good or bad depending on how eager you are to get out of there.  Even with small interruptions, the night ended on time.  Those not participating in the tie breaker were out the door by 10:30ish. 

We’d definitely recommend Mary’s rec room.  We’ve only been to one other Andersonville trivia night, and it was kind of lacking, so we’re excited to have a new option. 

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Mary’s Rec Room
5400 N. Clark, Chicago
Free Admission



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  • One very awesome thing this host did was, he gave all the other teams their standings and let them go once he determined there were only two teams in the running for first place. I hate having to wait around for that kind of stuff.

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