Review: Thursday Night MusiQuiz at 44th Ward Dinner Party

44th Ward Dinner Party.  Sounds like dinner with your alderman, doesn’t it?  If dinner with your alderman includes a vast selection of grilled cheese sandwiches and Lady Gaga playing in the background while the Olympics are shown on the television, then I want to move to your district.  If not, skip the local government portion of the evening and head to Boystown to 44th Ward Dinner Party: the restaurant.

MusiQuiz isn’t a traditional trivia night. 
There is no host; there are no questions and answers.  It’s actually
more of a Bingo game, but instead of letters and numbers, you get a Bingo sheet with pictures of various artists, such as Bjork, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and ABBA.  You play by marking your sheet whenever you hear a song by artist on your sheet.  (So, if you hear “Satisfaction” play, you mark Rolling Stones on your sheet.  And you will mark the Rolling Stones at some point because seemingly every third song is by them.)  So, you do need to know some trivia, like who sings what songs, and what those artists look like, but anyone who comes to the 44th Ward Dinner Party looking for a pub quiz, or even a music trivia night, will be sorely disappointed  Just keep that in mind.  MusiQuiz is more just something to do in between conversation with your friends, or probably a good way to keep occupied on a really bad date. 

That being said, if you come to MusiQuiz with people you don’t mind talking to, we’d recommend going.  The food is delicious. They have 10 variations of the classic grilled cheese sandwich, all with 44th Ward-inspired names, such as the LSD (mmm, bacon…), the Vic (mushrooms & goat cheese), and the 60657 for all you vegans out there.  They also have mac and cheese that got a glowing review from our waiter, and if you have a sweet tooth after your sandwich, fried ice cream.  But not just any fried ice cream!  Theirs is covered in Fruity Pebbles, which makes it about a thousand times more tasty and about a million times more reminiscent of a holiday cheese ball.

MusiQuiz runs all night.  It starts the moment you sit down and ends when you leave.  If you do happen to get Bingo, you win a free shot.  No one on our team won a single shot the entire time we were there.  Maybe we were having that good of a time that we didn’t hear the songs, or maybe we were just unlucky.  The world may never know.  

Have you been to MusiQuiz?  What did you think?  Leave a comment! 

44th Ward Dinner Party
3542 N. Halsted St., Chicago
All night long
Free admission 

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