Review: Sunday Night Trivia at Firkin & Pheasant

Thanks to all our Chicago Hearts Trivia supporters, including @tracysamantha, @bill80, @optimal_pete, @segelke43, and @Chicago_Rounder, for coming out to our first trivia meetup at Firkin & Pheasant!  We had a great time meeting everyone.  It was also a pleasure to play against members of the Chicago Nerd Social Club (at Firkin & Pheasant to celebrate Pi(e) Day)–competing against people who can recite Pi to 35 digits made our victory that much sweeter.

Since we were there on Pi Day, specials were $3.14 (minus 14 cents) for any draught beer (from Coors Light to Boddington’s).  Firkin & Pheasant’s food is tasty: the fish & chips and fish-wich all earned rave reviews from my teammates, and my chicken pot pie was ginormous but delicious and comforting.  And believe me, I needed all the comfort I can get after Illinois men’s basketball got totally screwed on Sunday (even Doug agrees with me).

The food was good but service was slow.  We only saw 2 waiters working the entire packed bar.  Maybe they didn’t anticipate that huge of a crowd, but some of our party felt ignored, especially at the beginning of the night.  Our friends actually had to go to the bar to get drinks, because their waiter did not even acknowledge them (or even clear off the previous diners’ glasses) for over 30 minutes.

Trivia is hosted by Jeremy, who is one of our favorite hosts.  To celebrate Pi Day, there were 5 special rounds: comic books, pop culture math (Hilton sisters + Kardashian sisters = ?), name-that-tune, a Nerd-identification picture round, and a final Wild Card round.  The Wild Card round was pretty neat, because each question was taken from a theme suggestion from a team.  So each team should have been guaranteed at least one correct answer.  There was one slight hiccup in the night, when Jeremy asked an Arrested Development question, and because either he got his information from suspect sources or he could have phrased the question differently, almost all teams got the answer wrong.  The thing is, Arrested Development has got some rabid fans (including us), so there was a near riot in protest.  Jeremy ended up giving all the teams free points for that question.

The night went until about 11pm, but 22 teams showed up to play, due to all the extra Nerds.  On a normal night, there are usually 8-10 teams, and Jeremy assures us that he usually does not go past 10:30.  We’ve been to his other trivia nights, and we’ll vouch for that. 

The prizes are fantastic.  I think the normal prize is $100 in cash money.  That’s enough to keep us coming back.  But, since it was Pi Day, we got: an awesome golden statuette, 2 St Paddy’s t-shirts, and a giant Apple pie from whole foods.  Second place got mini-apple pies. 

Quick note about the Chicago Nerd Social Club–they are kind of awesome.  Those who spent the whole day at Firkin & Pheasant were able to participate in/judge a pie-baking contest, a math quiz, and a competition to see who could recite pi to the most digits.  Nerd paraphernalia could be seen all over the bar, including pi mugs, Albert Einstein action figures, and pi t-shirts.  We started out the evening thinking that we would totally join, if we were smarter.  Now that we’ve schooled all the nerds in trivia, we are expecting our recruiting calls any time now.

Dudes, you totally got Plutoed.


  670 W. Diversey Parkway. Chicago
  8pm to 10:30pm
  Free admission
  4 paws! (out of 4)


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