Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Harrigan's

Workin’ on our Wednesday Night Cheese at Harrigan’s Pub!

Location and parking: Good.  We got there at
about 7:30, in time for plenty of parking on Halsted and plenty of
seats in the bar.  Harrigan’s is pretty small so we suggest getting
there on the early side, unless you don’t mind playing trivia standing
up.  Which we do. 

Trivia: Very fun.  Our only gripe
is that trivia started about 8:30 when it was advertised as starting at
8.  There are six rounds: picture round (identify famous
Hispanic-Americans), name that tune or artist (all songs about Mexico),
a physical round (*give it up* for our freakishly tall Asian team member
and a few general knowledge rounds.  The physical challenge varies from
week to week; this week was a height contest, but we’ve heard other
weeks have featured a Pac Man competition, rock-paper-scissors,
basically anything goes.  There’s also always one embarrassing question
about the bartender, Sam.  Finally, the rounds are worth progressively
more points, until the final round, where each question is worth 50
points, and you can actuallly lose points for wrong answers.  As if trivia isn’t stressful enough already.

Food and drink: Delish.  Trivia
night specials are $2 Miller Lites and $3 Jameson shots; $2 PBR is a
daily special.  Harrigan’s food comes from neighboring Select Cut Steak House
, which serves the Chicago Tribune’s #4 hamburger in Chicago  for
only $7 or $8.  Because of the arrangement between Harrigan’s and
Select Cut, you have to pay cash for food, but there is an ATM in the
bar (the food is worth the fees), Sam the bartender reminds you before
you actually order food, and we’re telling you right now, so you should
be fine.  We didn’t try them but you can get an insane amount of
chicken wings for a low price as well. 


This is how we roll.

Prizes: Great.  First place wins
straight up cash-money, the amount depending on how many people play
that night.  We took first(!!!), winning $125-enough to cover trivia
admission ($5 each), 4 burgers & fries, a hot dog & onion
rings, 3 shots of Jameson, a lot of Miller Lites & PBRs, a tip for
Sam, and a Lincoln in each of our pockets.  We also get our picture in
the Harrigan’s Trivia Night Hall of Champions on Facebook!  Second place gets some money off of their tab, and third place wins a bunch of T-shirts.

Note: This review was from our visit on April 29, 2009.  If you
think Harrigan’s Trivia has changed enough to warrant a
please let us know!



   Harrigan’s Pub
2816 N. Halsted St., Chicago
8pm to 11pm
$5 admission (portion of the pot goes to the winners)
4 paws! (out of 4

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