Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Galway Arms

We often think that trivia nights begin and end with the host.  When we love the emcee, we give a good review, even if the food is bad and/or the prizes are weird.  When the host gets on our nerves, the bar better have excellent food or cash prizes to overcome.  But what if the host just straight up has his answers wrong? 

To be fair, Dave (I think that’s his name) didn’t have all his answers wrong, but we think if you’re going to run a trivia night (especially one with a cash prize) you should double-check your questions and answers.  Case in point:

Question: Who is fourth in line to be President of the United States?

Dave’s Answer: President Pro Tempore of the Senate: 1) President, 2) Vice President, 3) Speaker of the House, 4) President Pro Tempore.

False.  The President is not first in line for the presidency.  The President is President.  The VP is first in line.  That makes fourth in line the Secretary of State.  We were going to let it slide, but then in a later round this happened:

Question: Name the four teams that did not not have a representative in the 2010 Pro Bowl. 

Answer: Seattle, Kansas City, Detroit, and Tampa Bay.

Ok, except some teams (read: Sasha & Cate’s team) included New Orleans and Indianapolis and the host acted like he was doing us a favor by giving us the points when clearly the Colts and Saints had better things to do than playing in the “All-Star” game.  So we called him out on the President Pro Tempore thing and I guess he went back and gave us our points?

The reason we just didn’t get up and leave was because most of the teams playing seemed to be loyal repeat customers, meaning (a) none of them have discovered our blog and realize that there are other Wednesday trivia nights or (b) Dave usually doesn’t get so many wrong answers and was having an off-night.  We’re reasonable people; we gave him the benefit of the doubt. 

Had the host not botched a few questions, we would have thought Galway Arms had a really great trivia night.  There were 5 or 6 rounds (until Dave’s laptop battery died), including a few general knowledge rounds, a Super Bowl round, and a fun picture identification round where we had to name classic toys such as Operation, Lincoln logs, and Drinking Birds (aka Dippy Birds).  The questions were not too terribly difficult, but not too easy.  The bar has a nice pub atmosphere, with soccer paraphernalia and a dumbed-down version of Ulysses on the walls.  Also, the people playing trivia all seemed to be Ph.D. students, or somehow more intellectual than your average trivia night crowd, which made the wrong answers even more strange.

The food was a little better than standard Irish pub fare.  The beer
special is a $3.50 pint of the beer of the month (this month is Sam
Adams Noble Pils).  Parking, which is usually a huge pain on that
stretch of Clark Street, was really easy at that time of the evening on
Wednesday and we both got spots right out front.

You have to pay $5 per person to play, but the winning team gets half the pot and the other half goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  We heart combining our love of trivia with our hatred of cancer.

We won’t write this trivia night off completely, but we might not be back anytime soon.


  Galway Arms       
  2442 N. Clark St., Chicago
  8pm to 10:30pm
  $5 admission (half of the pot to the LLS)



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