Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Victory Liquors

Victory Liquors is like Kam’s (any other Illini
out there?): you’d probably be okay if you never saw the inside of it
sober.  If you do choose to bravely venture in before 10pm and several
beers, Tuesday Team Trivia night would be the time to go. 

We’ve noted before that we are not huge fans of Team Trivia,
but this bar handles the format better than any other we’ve tried so
far.  The host stuck strictly to the one-song-per-question time limit
and announced the answers immediately after each song ended. 
Furthermore, the songs were a sweet collection of our favorite Cassingles from the early 1990s (including Rumpshaker, Ace of Base, and the extended version of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme).  The Team Trivia format still made it a longer trivia night, but we had a good time overall.

The best round of the night was the Saved by the Bell round.  We heart Saved by the Bell
We got a litttle emotional when forced to recall the day Becky the Duck was killed in the Bayside High oil spill of 1991.


Trivia starts at 8:30pm, and we’d recommend getting there between 8
and 8:15.  Parking is abundant on Halsted at that time.  They have good
specials on Tuesdays: half-priced sandwiches and wraps, $7 Bud or Bud
Light pitchers.  And, $2 PBRs every day
Very special.  They allegedly also sell 40s in paper bags.  Like we
said, you probably don’t want to go there sober [except for trivia].

The prizes vary from week to week.  This Tuesday, first place won a
$35 gift certificate to Victory Liquors and second place (WE!) won a
$25 gift certificate.  Second place supposedly gets to choose a
category for the next week, but we were never offered that
opportunity.  In addition, the host keeps track of the scores, and the
highest scoring team of each month wins “a bunch of other s**t,”
according to past winners Genghis Khan and the [somethings].

Good specials, cheap PBR, good music, really good Team Trivia host. 
If you live in the neighborhood, Victory Liquors is a good option for a
fun Tuesday night.

Note: This review was from our visit on March 10, 2009.  If you
think Victory Liquors Trivia has changed enough to warrant a
please let us know!

  Victory Liquors
  2610 N. Halsted St., Chicago
  8:30pm – 11:15pm
  Free admission
  2 paws (out of 4)

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