Review: Tuesday Night Picture Trivia at Brownstone

We’ve played picture trivia at Brownstone before
and were pretty enthusiastic about it.  We liked the Asian host (we
love anything Asian) and the chance to win plentiful skillet cookies.  
Unfortunately, the folks who call the shots at Brownstone didn’t
realize that Asians + baked goods are a magic combination and both were
glaringly absent from the night.


I want to bedazzle my jean jacket with these colorful topaz stones.

The non-Asian host, Amanda, was kinda OK.   She was very friendly, super
cute, and a quick grader, but (presuming she’s the one who comes up
with the questions), we weren’t too keen on her trivia hosting skills. 
For one, most of the questions were really easy.  We love having the
chance to get a perfect score, but most of our team got into U of I
based on merit not their connections, so we were feeling a bit unstimulated.  Our hostess also tried to convince us that topaz is yellowWikipedia
does confirm that topaz can be yellow, but it also says that it can be
just about every other color of the rainbow, too.  To both Amanda and
Wikipedia I say: whatever, everyone knows topaz is blue!

A final complaint: our hostess never listed off everyone’s team names.  Based on the fact that our favorite team names page gets about a billion hits a day, we know that hearing some
funny/punny/topical/inappropriate team names is half the fun of
trivia.  Indulge us, please.

I don’t want to be Debbie Downer,
though, because Brownstone does have some good qualities.  The food is
good (I’m a big fan of the southwestern salad) and affordable.  This
Tuesday quesadillas were $5 and Goose Island Summer Ale drafts and 312
bottles were $3.50.  Trivia started right on time at 8pm and went
efficiently-we were out the door by 10pm.

Overall, I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either.  And picture
trivia is a nice change from the ordinary.  It’s worth checking out,
but with so many other options on Tuesdays, we’d probably suggest you
try some other places (Globe, Schoolyard, Rocks) first.

Note: This review was from our visit on June 16, 2009.  If you think Brownstone Picture Trivia has changed enough to warrant a re-review, please let us know!



  Brownstone Tavern & Grill
  3937 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago
  8:00pm to 10pm
  Free admission
3 paws (out of 4)

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