Review: Monday Night Trivia at Kincade's

This Monday we went to Lincoln Park’s Kincade’s for
their weekly trivia night.  Kincade’s is a Kansas bar-I’ll keep my
editorializing about the Jayhawks to a minimum, as long as we all agree
that they are the greatest basketball program ever.

Watch out Rebel,
Kincade’s has some pretty good Monday night specials.  Burgers are just
$2 and Heineken and Amstel Lights are $3.50.  Trivia prizes are also
good- the first place team wins a $50 gift certificate to Kincades and
our team (Team: Shamwow!) took third place and won a gift certificate to the Twisted Lizard

There were also opportunities to win free shots and bottles of wine for
winning a round or for answering a bonus question.  See if you can get
this one: what famous American’s first name starts with the same four
letters as his last name ends?  We didn’t get that one, but we did
score a bottle of wine for answering this wordplay question in record
time.  Can you get it?  There is a common 2 word phrase.  Both words
only have the letter ‘o’ as their vowels.  If you add an ‘r’ to one of
these words, they become opposites.  Name that phrase!

Trivia is provided by Team Trivia-which
isn’t our favorite.  In Team Trivia there are 3 questions per round and
you bet points on your answers based on your certainty.  That does add
a fun wrinkle to the game, but we still have our complaints.  In Team
Trivia the DJ asks a question and then gives teams an entire song to
think about the answer, so the night sometimes drags.  Also, questions
seemed either really easy or really hard, with no moderate questions at
all.  Finally, with no picture or audio round, Team Trivia seems a bit
lackluster compared to some of the more creative trivia MCs.

Kincade’s wasn’t our favorite.  Still, despite the so-so trivia,
Kincade’s is still a decent place to go for your trivia
outing…especially if you like the betting or cheap food.  Trivia is
advertised as starting at 8, but they actually don’t start until 8:30. 
We don’t appreciate being lied to, but that piece of misinformation is
good as nearly all the tables were filled by 8.  We’ve actually been burned by Kincade’s before… but we’re willing to overlook a lot for $2 burgers and cheap beer.

And that famous American?  Evel Knievel.  Although we think Doug E. Doug
should also be considered correct.  And the wordplay?  Long shot turns
into long short when you add an ‘r.’  Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t
figure it out… we’re pretty tight with Puzzle Master Will Shortz.

Note: This review was from our visit on January 5, 2009.  If you think Kincade’s Monday Night Trivia has changed enough to warrant a re-review,
please let us know!

950 W. Armitage, Chicago
Free Admission
2.5 Paws (Out of 4)


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