Review: Monday Night Trivia at Finley Dunne's

Finley Dunne’s
trivia just might be the best kept trivia secret in Chicago.  We
actually didn’t even know about their pub quiz until Matt posted to our list.  We’re so glad he did, because we heart Finley Dunne’s, we love Roscoe Village, and we *love* Trivia Jerk Matt.  Watch out, Crew, looks like you’ve got some competition.  Ok, maybe not…does anyone really compare to Sister Mary?! 
Whatever, Finley Dunne’s just came out of nowhere to rank as one of our
favorite trivia nights in town.


Let the good times roll!

There is no prize for best team name, but for a trivia night with
only 6 or 7 teams, there were some inspired names.  We especially liked
Team Eat Activia Before Trivia.  We named ourselves Paws in Electrical Sockets, after discussing our worst fears when leaving our cats home alone.

Finley Dunne’s trivia is run by the Trivia Jerk,
a website where you can answer ridiculously difficult questions for
prizes.  The host is Matt, who did a great job hosting on his first day
on the job!  Although we initially pegged him as a sizist (we suspected
he did not ask us if we wanted to play trivia because we were only two
people), he turned out to be a fun host and not at all annoying (see our reviews for Flounder’s, Logan, Brownstone. We got to know him quite well because he had to approach us several times to give us our many prizes for the evening.

Finley Dunne’s/Trivia Jerk add some unique touches to trivia night. 
The answer sheet is one laminated sheet of paper on the team writes its
answers with a dry erase marker.  Not only is Finley Dunne’s saving
trees, but it is also saving us from the wrath of our team member who
freaks out anytime our answer sheet gets dirty/wet
Also, the fourth question of every round is the “Funny Fourth,” where
if you don’t know the answer, you can compete for the funniest answer. 
You don’t get points, but you get more awesome prizes.

Trivia is 3 rounds of 10 questions, so trivia takes about 2
hours.  The winning team gets a $50 Finley Dunne’s gift card, the
winners of each round get promotional prizes, and the winners of each
Funny Fourth get a special prize to use on the Trivia Jerk website
As Round 2 victors, we got: 2 Tabasco hats, 1 XXL Tabasco
long-sleeve T-shirt, and a Tabasco golf towel (that can also be used in
the kitchen).  We could have gotten a football, but how would we split
that in half?  Not to brag, but we also totally won a Funny Fourth.  In
the only flaw of his hosting premiere, Matt did not acknowledge how
well we did considering our team size, so I’ll just go ahead and say
that we were Pretty Good for Two People.

The food at Finley Dunne’s is pretty tasty.  Their signature dish
seems to be anything slathered in “Tang Sauce,” which is their fancy
way of saying buffalo sauce.  But, it’s really cheap compared to other
trivia spots we’ve tried lately, so in this economy, we’ll gladly tang
it up.  Specials are $15 Bud Light buckets and $4 Blue moons.  Parking
is really easy in the neighborhood, and [BONUS] the Pleasure Chest is just a few doors down from the bar.  So is the Paulina Brown line stop.

We had a great time at Finley Dunne’s.  We recommend it wholeheartedly and we will definitely be back!

Note: This review was from our visit on August 31, 2009.  If you think
Finley Dunne’s Trivia has changed enough to warrant a re-review,
please let us know!

  Finley Dunne’s Tavern
  3458 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
  7:30 to 9:30pm
  Free admission

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