Review: Wednesday Night Trivia at Aberdeen

Note: Trivia @ Aberdeen has been canceled.

Half way through last Wednesday’s trivia night at Wicker Park’s
Aberdeen, Cate and I looked at each other and said, “This may be our
new favorite place.” On Wednesdays you can eat for pocket change: they serve wings for just
35 cents each.  We’re high rollers so we both skipped the special and
had the blackened fish tacos.  They were delish.  A lot of bars serve
fish tacos, but these are by far the best I’ve had.  Other Wednesday specials include $3 Heineken and Amstel Lights. 

Trivia started right on time at 8pm.  We HATE when
trivia hosts are tardy.  I have precious few hours between when I get
off work and when I have to get up for work in the morning, so I don’t want to
waste my time waiting around at trivia.  Aberdeen, we salute your promptness.

The host at Aberdeen is Charlie.  Take note, trivia hosts of the world: Charlie can teach you a few things.  He’s prompt.  He’s funny but keeps the banter to a minimum.  He writes his own questions and they are fun and unique.  The rounds were: current events, sports, sharks, The West Wing, and America.  Turns out no one playing watched The West Wing, so Charlie called an audible and gave us some easier questions.  Well done, Charlie, well done.  

The format at Aberdeen is a lot like Team Trivia but so much better.  There are five rounds of five questions each.  However, instead of waiting a whole song in between questions like in Team Trivia, you wait about 30 seconds…or until Charlie yells at you to bring up your answer sheets.  The result is a faster, more fun trivia night that ends at around 9:45.  Perfection.

Another thing we loved about Aberdeen?  There were a ton of rowdy team names, inlcuding Suck It Trebek, Nadal’s Balls, The Old In and Out, and Cake Farts.  A tip of my cap to all of you.

The winners get 25% off their tab.  Second place gets 15% off.  Third place gets a mystery prize and the chance to pick a topic for next week.

The only bad thing I can say about Aberdeen’s trivia night is that parking was pretty difficult, so consider taking public transportation if you aren’t within walking distance.  But no matter how you get there, definitely go to Aberdeen.  

If you still aren’t convinced to give Aberdeen a try, I’d like to reiterate: there was a team there named Cake Fart.  Enough said. 

Aberdeen Bar
1856 West North Ave., Chicago
Free Admission
4 paws (out of 4)!


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