Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at O'Shaughnessy's

Disco Stu does not advertise, but American Stu sure does!  Stu hosts National Trivia Association’s trivia night at O’Shaughnessy’s in Ravenswood on Tuesday nights.  When he’s not hosting trivia, he works at an Elvis impersonator at private parties around the city.  If you’re looking for entertainment, give him a call..he was one of New Zealand’s Top 5 Elvis impersonators in 2007!

O’Shaughnessy’s has undergone many host changes over the last few months, but Stu seems like he’s in it for the long haul.  He’s nice and funny, and charming in an out-of-the-country-for-many-years kind of way (at one point on Tuesday, he pronounced Derek Jeter as Jet-ter).  Also, because not very many teams play each week (there were only 5 teams this time), Stu actually comes around and picks up the answer sheets after every round, which is a nice change from other trivia nights.  Also, he has a sort of Dick Biondi quality to his voice.  It’s great.

O’Shaughnessy’s trivia comes from the National Trivia Association/Quizzo, and follows their standard format: 7 rounds: general knowledge, geography/history, name-that-tune, sports, entertainment, picture round, and a final general knowledge round with a top 10 question worth 100 points.  The format’s not bad–a lot of the night depends on whether the host wastes a lot of time with banter and slow grading–and Stu does a nice job.  I think first place gets a round of shots? 

Specials were $3 Heineken, $4 Guinness, and half off bottles of wine.  The food is pretty good, standard Irish fare, including fish and chips and a few burger variations.  We’d read some reviews that warned us about the slow waitstaff, so we were prepared.  It wasn’t as slow as we expected, but you might want to ask for your check a couple rounds before trivia ends if you want to leave right after.

The night we went, a couple of the teams were there for a surprise party and birthday boy Eric shared his delicious birthday cake with us.  Equally awesome was the family that came out to play trivia.  If I ever have kids I hope we can all go out for trivia together.  I was impressed to see two teenagers out playing trivia with their parents.  It was heartwarming. 

To recap: nice host, decent format, decent food.  Worth it if you live in the neighborhood.



  O’Shaughnessy’s Public House
  4557 N. Ravenswood Rd., Chicago
  8pm to 10:15pm
  Free admission
  2.5 paws (out of 4)

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