Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at Globe Pub

Wanna feel dumb but still have a great time? Go to Tuesday night trivia at The Globe Pub!

Get there by 7:30pm and you will find plenty of parking on both sides of Irving Park in front of the bar and a seat in the back room. The specials are decent: $4 Beer of the Month and $7 chicken fajitas. Trivia: your waitress may have lost her virginity on a pool table (we learned that at our first Globe Pub quiz night). To our dismay, PBR is nowhere to be found in their massive (100+) beer list. They make up for that glaring omission by stocking every table with HP: The Original Brown Sauce.  [For more information, read the Brown Sauce blog.] Try it on your next bacon sandwich! They also redeem themselves by serving giant curly fries.

Trivia is brutal but really fun. Chicago Magazine named the Globe Pub quiz night Chicago’s best trivia night in 2007.  We don’t exactly agree (we heart Crew Bar) but we can see why it gets so much buzz. Trivia MC Dave Ahrens writes ridiculously difficult questions.  (Who knows what Rodgers and Hammerstein look like, much less which one is which?)  At least, we think he writes them.  Even if he doesn’t, he displays a deeper knowledge about the questions and answers than we have seen from any other MC.  You get the feeling he studies more for trivia night than most of the teams.  Speaking of the teams, you know you’re playing with a smart crowd when you hear the most creative team names than any other trivia night, and there’s isn’t even a prize for best team name. 

On Tuesday mornings, you can check Quizmaster Dave’s blog for that evening’s rounds, but with names like “In the Year 2025? and “Yen New Lager Beer,” you’re not going to have much of an advantage.

First place wins a $50 gift certificate to Globe Pub, but that’s nothing compared to the pride you feel in winning the hardest pub quiz in town.  We would know, we’ve actually done it!  Last place gets to choose a round for the following week.  No matter what, everyone gets candy at the end, so we’re all winners!


  Globe Pub

  1934 W. Irving Park, Chicago
  8pm to 10:15pm
  $5 admission (goes to MS Society of Illinois)
  4 Paws! (out of 4)

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