Review: Tuesday Night Trivia at State

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Secure in our obsessions with both trivia and Twilight, we named ourselves Team: Renesmee (Say it out loud: Ruh-nez-may!) and met up at State Restaurant and Café.

State’s PR person should get a raise because the
restaurant (and trivia night) were packed.  Trivia starts promptly at
8pm, but you should probably arrive closer to 7:15pm if you want a
table.  Parking is really difficult so take public transportation or
allow a good 20 minutes for circling the block.

The menu looks
pretty fancy, but they have pretty good specials: $3 Bud Lime, $3.50
Landshark, $5 Stoli drinks, $5.95 burger & fries (extra for
cheese), $10 domestic pitchers, and $15 import pitchers.  We all agreed
the food and drinks were good, but with so many bars serving $2 burgers
on trivia nights, $6 seems pricey.  Hey, quit calling us cheap, there’s
a recession going on, thankyouverymuch. 

It’s also crazy loud–prepare to lose your voice.

pretty obvious what brings people to trivia night at State: the
Prizes.  All we can say is…Wow.  Every week, the first place team
wins $800!  And there’s more!  Second place gets $200, and the winner
of the lightning round (Name as many movies with an actor/actress as
you can in 90 seconds) gets another $100.  Every trivia player gets a
raffle ticket and a chance to win prizes like DVDs, gift cards, bottles
of wine, an iPod Nano, and a Nintendo Wii.  It’s like they look for excuses to give money away.  Last January, to celebrate
Inauguration Day, each player got an “Obama Stimulus Package”–a free
envelope of cash courtesy of State!  Oh. Em. Eff. Gee.  


course, for a grand prize that serious, the trivia is not going to be
easy.  There are seven rounds, including a picture round and a
name-that tune, plus the $100 lightning round.  Trivia goes pretty
quickly, and there is an extra element of haste because you have to run
your answer sheet to the graders before time runs out, or it’s void. 
We love that the MC reads the answers immediately after each round
ends.  The questions are difficult, but trivia night is definitely a
great time.

Food good, specials OK, trivia moderately
challenging, parking hard, prizes like woah.  State is definitely not
your average trivia bar, so if your looking for something new and
exciting, try it out!



  State Restaurant and Café
  935 W. Webster Ave., Chicago
  8pm to 10:30pm
  Free admission
  4 paws! (out of 4)

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