Review: Friday Night Trivia at Rebel Bar

If you’re looking for something to do Friday nights after work and before you go out, definitely check out trivia happy hour at Rebel Bar in Wrigleyville.  John and Sharone from Let’s Go Trivia have been doing a great job starting new trivia nights in the city, but face quite a challenge getting people to come out to trivia on Friday night.  If they can get more people to participate, it could be an awesome time, so we recommend that you give it a shot.

We were super excited about the idea of Friday trivia, but it’s been a challenge for Let’s Go to recruit enough teams to come out regularly.  We like to think of trivia as a good excuse to drink during the week, so we can see why Fridays might not be as popular. 

The Rebel website says trivia
starts at 6pm, but if you call, they’ll tell you it starts at 6:30. 
The truth is that it starts whenever the hosts decide enough teams have
shown up–this Friday, it started a little after 7pm.  Teams: if you want
trivia to start on time, get there on time!   If it started at 6 as planned, trivia night at Rebel would be a fun way to pre-party before going out for the night.  There are tons of bars in the neighborhood, so it’s also a fun way to start a Friday night bar crawl.   

Friday night troubles notwithstanding, Let’s Go runs a great trivia night.  Before starting the company, Sharone and John went to pub quizzes around Chicago and really paid attention to what makes for a fun time.  John reads 6 rounds of questions: this week the rounds were on general knowledge, toys & games, picture round (identify the Christmas movie), audio round (TV theme songs), before-and-after, and a final lightning round.  The questions were easy to medium.  In before-and-after, each question had two parts; the last name of the first part was the first name of the second part–an example is “Wes Anderson Cooper.”  We’ve been to a lot of trivia nights, and we’ve never had a round like that.  It was really fun.  The lightning round was to name as many Ben Stiller movies as possible in 4 minutes.  We spent most of that time trying to name that movie where he gets married and has a crappy honeymoon: The Heartbreak Kid.  We never did get it.  I looked it up just now.

Specials include $12 buckets of Coors Light and Miller Lite, $1 tacos (definitely a great deal), and $5 specialty martinis.  We won–that’s two in a row!–and got a bucket of beer and a round of shots with the hosts.  The guys got whiskey (shudder) and Sasha and I ordered cement mixers.  People always hate on the cement mixer, but we never know what shot to order on the spot.  I also happen to think they are tasty.  If you have any recommendations for delicious shots, leave a comment, write a message on our Facebook wall, or Tweet us @WeHeartTrivia.  By “delicious,” I mean “does not taste like alcohol.”  Tequila is not an acceptable suggestion.

We’ll give Friday night trivia at Rebel 3 paws, but if they can get more people to play, we might bump up the rating.  We look forward to seeing what our new friends have up their sleeves.


  • Attention Single Ladies: if you are looking for a husband or a one-night stand, Rebel is the place to be on Friday night.  Outside of trivia, the men-to-women ratio is about 8-to-1.  
  • Rebel is supposedly an Illinois bar (I-L-L!) but the walls are blood red and we sat underneath a picture of Will Farrell in Old School.  This Illini does not get it.
  • Earmuffs.
  • Props to the DJ for playing “Party in the U.S.A.” just 2 songs after we requested it.  Love him.
  • Let’s Go is starting a trivia league in February: 6 weeks, $150 entry fee, weekly prizes, a grand prize worth several hundreds of dollars, team t-shirts.  For more information, email


  Rebel Bar and Grill
  3462 N. Clark St., Chicago
  6pm to 8:15pm
  Free admission
  3 paws (out of 4)

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