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Grand Street Gardens Plant Sale '09

Just got home from doing a little bit of plant shopping at Grand Street Gardens. Here is what I found on sale: 40% off indoor and outdoor garden potsVegetables and herbs in 4 inch containers are 50 cents. Larger ones are 50% off.Trees and shrubs are 25% off.Spring and summer annuals are 25% off.Tropical plants... Read more »

Chicago's Invasive Plant List

On May 9, 2007 the City Council passed the Invasive Species Ordinance that made it unlawful to possess certain invasive plant and animal species. At the time the plants on the list were mostly aquatic plants, but this year the list was updated to include land-based invasive plants. The updated Invasive Species Ordinance now makes... Read more »

Wood Street Urban Farm in Englewood

The Wood Street Urban Farm is a USDA Certified organic production farm in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. It was started in 1992 by Les Brown, Director of Policy for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, who passed away in 2005, as a training program for the homeless and jobless. Today, the Wood Street Urban Farm employs... Read more »

A Garden in Chicago Growing "Hope"

On the corner of Wood and Polk Streets in the middle of the University of Illinois at Chicago medicinal center hope grows alongside the periwinkle, aloe and may apple. Situated next to the College of Pharmacy, the Dorothy Bradley Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden was constructed and is maintained in memory of Dorthy Bradley Atkins, who... Read more »

Blooming In My Garden 7/26/2009

Some photos of the things blooming in my garden. The photo above is of purple Liatris commonly known as Blazing Star or Gay Feather. It has been a Bumblebee magnet in the garden this year and I have to make note to plant more of these bulbs in the garden.  Echinacea ‘Magnus’ has larger than... Read more »

Transplanting Tulip Bulbs

When I began my outdoor garden I didn’t start it with a garden plan. I just started planting things where I had space and over the years things have gotten worse as I kept adding plants without fixing my original planting mistakes. This year, I’ve resolved to fix a number of those early mistakes, starting... Read more »

Potager: French Kitchen Garden

The potager garden is the counterpart to the English kitchen garden and different than a Victory Garden. Victory Gardens date back to World War I and World War II and were planted in an effort to reduce the demand on the public food supply and were also propaganda to boost the morale of the nations... Read more »

What to Plant in Your Garden in July & Garden Sales

July is my favorite gardening month because you can plant things you didn’t get a chance to plant early in the spring and the sales at garden centers begin.  If this was the year that you had planned to grow some of your own food but you didn’t get around to doing it you’ve got... Read more »

Chile Pepper Garden

Back in May I was asked to write something for a gardening newsletter and while doing so a long forgotten memory came back to me. I can’t remember exactly how old I was, but I was a lot younger than I am today and had just emptied the contents of my piggy bank and headed... Read more »

Blooming In My Garden 7/09/09

Lately, I’ve been meeting a number of gardeners and when I mention that I maintain a couple of garden blogs they’ve ask: “Do you have a garden or just blog about it?” So, I present to you a few photographs of what is blooming in garden as proof that I actually have a garden. The... Read more »