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Nominate a "Community Gardener of the Year" for 2010.

GreenNet’s Annual “Community Gardener of the Year” Award Ceremony and Potluck Networking Dinner is an opportunity to recognize those Chicagoans who have worked tirelessly on behalf of a community garden. Community/school gardens along with garden clubs can nominate a member who they feel deserves to be named GreenNet’s “Community Gardener of the Year” for 2010.... Read more »

Lets "Grow Together" with One Seed Chicago

Get 2010 off to a great start by growing together with One Seed Chicago. One Seed Chicago is a project of NeighborSpace, Chicago’s land trust for community gardens. Every year One Seed Chicago puts three seeds up for a vote, Chicagoans vote for their favorite and the winning seed is sent to them for free... Read more »

Chicago's Community Greener of the Year Nominations

Do you know someone in your neighborhood who works to make your community a greener space to live? If so, nominate him or her for GreenNet Chicago’s “Community Greener of the Year” and they could win a $100.00 gift certificate to Grand Street Gardens. In the past the award has focused on community gardeners, but... Read more »