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Container Garden Spider Check

Over the weekend as I was emptying out my container gardens and placing the containers underneath the stairs for the winter I got a few surprises. I know spiders are beneficial insects to have in the garden, but I can’t help be creeped out by spiders. As I was putting the pots away I kept... Read more »

How to Become a Master Gardener in Chicago

The deadline for applying for the Master Gardener certification in Cook County for 2010 is November 1, 2009. The certification program is a great learning opportunity for gardening enthusiast and beginners. I asked Ron Wolford, University of Illinois Extension Urban Horticulture/Environment Educator, to tell me about the program and why it would be of interest... Read more »

Choosing Lawn Fertilizers

Came across another helpful video by the University of Illinois Extension that talks about winterizing your lawn to prepare it for next year. It focuses on choosing the right lawn fertilizer for late summer early fall. When it says that organic lawn fertilizers are “lower in analysis” than “commercial chemical-type fertilizers” it is referring to... Read more »

Garden Center Tree Buying Tips by U of I Extension

I came across this video by the U of I Extension of horticulturist Greg Stack giving a quick guide to selecting trees at a garden center to plant this fall in your garden or landscape. The highlights: Thinking about how big the tree will grow, will it obstruct utility wires? Does the tree flower &... Read more »

Chicago Botanic Garden Green Roof Garden

Hope for the Healing Planet exhibit Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2009. Click for larger view. If you visited the Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2009 and walked the Hope for the Healing Planet exhibit of the Chicago Botanic Garden you got a preview of the green roof at the Botanic Garden’s Rice Plant Conservation... Read more »

First Flower

I found myself not being able to sleep late last night, so I turned on Channel 11 and saw they were running one of my favorite documentaries. First Flower is about the hunt to discover the origin of flowering plants. The grandmother, if you will, of many of the plants you find in our gardens... Read more »

The Future Of Food

The documentary, The Future Of Food, from 2007 is available on Hulu.com. The description for this documentary reads: “The Future Of Food offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade.” Like politics and religion, the subject... Read more »

Vegetable Gardening-Companion Planting

When planting a garden one of the thing you should take into consideration is the plants you add into your garden. Just like you, garden plants have friends & they have frenemies. This is especially important to consider when you’re vegetable gardening because companion planting can make or break your vegetable garden. Some plants will... Read more »

Starting a Garden: What to plant in Chicago

If you’re starting a garden for the first time the selection of plants at a garden center in Chicago can seem rather daunting. Factors like; sun, shade, wind & the condition of your soil come into play when choosing plants for your first garden in Chicago. Wouldn’t it be great if someone just gave you... Read more »