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Veggie Bingo: It's Not Your Grandma's Bingo!

Veggie Bingo: It's Not Your Grandma's Bingo!
If your idea of fun doesn’t include weekly bingo games because you think it is a game played by grandmas in a church basement–you should try Veggie Bingo. Backyard gardeners, foodies, community gardeners, urban farmers and those who just like to play Bingo gather on Wednesday nights at The Hideout for Veggie Bingo.Once a week... Read more »

Urban Gardening Classes in Chicago Fall '09

The Wicker Park Garden Club is hosting a number of lectures and workshops this fall and winter for those interested in learning about urban gardening. You can attend these in place of the urban farming classes around Chicago this fall if your interests in gardening don’t extend to growing your own food. November 2nd 7-8:30... Read more »

Illinois Rain Garden & Schoolyard Habitat Grant

Two grant programs available to Illinois residents that have deadlines of November 30, 2009. The first is the Rain Garden Initiative. If you’re a teacher or youth group leader who wants to engage kids by teaching them about wildlife habitat, see the Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant Program. Another opportunity for teachers (includes home-schooling teachers)... Read more »

Urban Chickens in Chicago

Did you catch the backyard chicken segment on Chicago Tonight? Rich Samuels profiles four people in the Chicago area that keep backyard chickens. Linda Nellett Northwest side of Chicago, Juliet Martinez, Southwest side of Chicago, Helen Standen of OakPark and Laurie Zoloth  of Evanston. Laurie Zoloth, bioethicist at Northwestern University, is currently violating Evanston’s ordinance... Read more »

Choosing Lawn Fertilizers

Came across another helpful video by the University of Illinois Extension that talks about winterizing your lawn to prepare it for next year. It focuses on choosing the right lawn fertilizer for late summer early fall. When it says that organic lawn fertilizers are “lower in analysis” than “commercial chemical-type fertilizers” it is referring to... Read more »

Make Your Own Worm Composting Bin

Worm composting, or Vermicomposting, is a good way to recycle the organic waste you produce into a soil conditioner. Worm composting can be done indoors and outdoors and is great way for apartment dwellers to participate in composting. Yesterday, at a gardening event, I came across this demonstration of a worm composting bin by the... Read more »

Container Garden Pop Bottle Drip Irrigation

In the post on the emergency pop bottle drip irrigation setup, I mentioned you could apply the same idea for your container gardens. The idea for the pop bottle drip irrigation setups for your container garden has been around for a long time and is a great use of empty plastic bottles in the garden.... Read more »

Urban Habitat Chicago ISO Summer Volunteers

Urban Habitat Chicago is seeking two summer inters to help work and manage its Joy Garden at the Northside College Preparatory High School. You’ll get hands-on experience in landscape architecture, environmental design, ecology, habitat restoration, sustainable gardening, urban farming and working with youth. You’ll work with Landscape Architect Nicholas Petty and Ecological Designer Michael Repkin... Read more »

How to Stake Tomato Plants

Photo courtesy of flickr.com/Hawk3ye In the post on determinate and indeterminate tomatoes it was recommended to stake indeterminate tomatoes. But even determinate tomatoes could benefit from being stakes and supported. The main reason for staking and supporting tomato plants is to keep the plants and fruit off the ground and lessen the chance of transmitting... Read more »

What are "Determinate" and "Indeterminate" Tomatoes?

Buying a tomato plant is a little like buying a dog; the more you know ahead of time about the type the happier you’ll be later.  In the dog world, the first question is “pure bred” or “rescue”.  With tomatoes, the first question is “determinate” or “indeterminate”.  With a pure bred puppy, you’ll know the... Read more »