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Independent Garden Center Show: Garden Pots

If you were a buyer for an independent garden center and you were in the market for large pots and modern, indoor and outdoor planters for the Gen Y crowd the Independent Garden Center Show 2009 was an embarrassment of riches. I couldn’t believe the size of some of these pots, they were large enough... Read more »

Independent Garden Center Show: Small Space Gardens

Some gardening products from the Independent Garden Center Show 2009 to make gardening in urban and small spaces, like balconies, decks and patios easier. While they make looks like they are better suited for utilitarian gardens, like vegetable gardens, there’s no reason why these couldn’t be used to grow purely ornamental gardens. The images above... Read more »

Raised Bed Gardening

This year I’ve been seeing examples of raised beds all over Chicago that make me wish I would have created raised beds when I started my garden. Instead of digging through hard clay to try to create a hospitable area for plants I could have built a few raised beds and saved myself some back... Read more »

Container Garden Photo Contest

Wayside’s Summer Container Garden Photo Contest Wayside Gardens, a mail-order nursery, in South Carolina is having a container garden photo contest. The Grand Prize Winner receives a $50 wayside Gardens Gift Certificate and 2 runners up each get a $25 Gift Certificate. More info here.

Modern Planters: Container Garden Idea 4

Lately I’ve been focused on blogging about the utilitarian aspects of a garden, but a garden can be nothing more than ornamental if that better fits your lifestyle. Yesterday, I made a trip to Sprout Home, one of my favorite garden centers in Chicago, and came across some modern planters that would look at home... Read more »

EarthBox: Container Garden Idea 3

If you spend as much time as I do reading garden blogs and websites you may have noticed that the EarthBox has gotten a lot of press this year. I’ve been joking on Twitter that EarthBoxes are the new black or perhaps they are the Snuggie of the gardening world-they’re everywhere.  The rectangular containers that... Read more »

Who owns the Parkway in Chicago?

The strip of grass between a building and the sidewalk is technically owned by the City of Chicago. Although the parkway is owned by the City it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain it. These parkways are as diverse as the neighborhoods they are in and range from elaborately planted gardens to... Read more »

Urban Agriculture Projects in Chicago

The video, Urban Agriculture Projects in the Chicago Area, was released as part of the World Environment Day symposium, Urban Agriculture: Feeding the Movement, held by the Chicago Botanic Garden. It starts with a brief introduction to the history of agriculture in Chicago and continues to the present day and shows several projects in the... Read more »

Green Box: Container Garden Idea 2

While visiting the Farmers Market at Uncommon Ground on Devon I came across the Green Box by City Farm. City Farm’s Green Box is a portable garden that allows you to grow some of your own produce in small spaces. It is a perfect container garden for apartment dwellers who may only have a porch,... Read more »

Espalier: Create An Urban Orchard

Years ago I went through a topiary phase, during this phase I decided I would focus strictly on topiaries. At the time I picked up the book The Complete Book of Topiary by Deborah Reich. I believe the book it out of print now but you may come across it in a used book store... Read more »