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Urban Foraging Feverfew

Urban Foraging Feverfew
Ever since reading Grow Your Own Drugs earlier this year I’ve been looking around the neighborhood for useful plants and herbs. Feverfew derives from Latin word febrifugia, meaning “fever reducer.” It has been used in European folk medicine for centuries to alleviate fevers headaches, stomach problems and skin conditions. In ethnic neighborhoods in Chicago it... Read more »


Dandelion is the common name for Taraxacum officinale, a genus of flowering plants native to Europe, North America and Asia. The English dandelion is a corruption of the French dante de lion which translates to “lion’s tooth,” a refference to the deeply serrated leaves of the plant. The flower head (floret) of the dandelion is actually several... Read more »

Starting a Garden: What to plant in Chicago

If you’re starting a garden for the first time the selection of plants at a garden center in Chicago can seem rather daunting. Factors like; sun, shade, wind & the condition of your soil come into play when choosing plants for your first garden in Chicago. Wouldn’t it be great if someone just gave you... Read more »