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Chicago Gardening Events for April 2011

Showers aren’t the only thing the month of April brings around here. There’s two garden fairs and several events going on around Chicago that, you, as a gardener should attend. In particular I’d like to point you to the Green Metropolis Fair by Mindful Metropolis. I’ll be part of the urban gardening panel at this... Read more »

Macy's Flower Show 2011 Preview

Macy's Flower Show 2011 Preview
“Towers of Flowers,” this year’s theme for the spring flower show at Macy’s on State Street opens Sunday March 27th and runs through April 10th. This morning I attended the media preview of the flower show, had a sampling of the botanical themed food and drinks that will be part of the menu of the... Read more »

"Spring is in the Air" at Macy's on State Street Flower Show

Macy’s “Spring is in the Air”  themed flower show on State Street is sure to lift your spirits. Below a photo gallery of today’s media preview where Da Mayor was in attendance to accept to accept a donation of 24 “Purple Prince” crabapple trees Macy’s and floral partner Green View are donating to the City... Read more »