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Winter Gardening in Chicago

Sorry about the lack of updates on here at Chicago Garden, but this year I got a gig writing at TreeHugger, and combined with the mrbrownthumb garden blog, and my Twitter account, and Facebook gardening page–I just couldn’t keep up with another blog. Hopefully, I’ll do a better job of scheduling myself and finding time... Read more »

Winter Flower Shows & Train Gardens in Chicago

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If you’re looking to get a gardening fix this winter, or looking for places to take out of town visitors around Chicago during Christmas may I recommend the winter flower shows and train gardens? Due to the storm damage this year at the Garfield Park Conservatory there will be no winter flower show there. But... Read more »

Volunteer in Gardens Around Chicago 2011

Volunteer in Gardens Around Chicago 2011
Photos courtesy LPZoo.org (left) and WpGarden.org (right) For Chicagoans who want to garden but don’t have the time or resources to start their own garden, volunteering to work in a garden around Chicago may be the best option. You get to work with plants, meet fellow gardeners, and learn about gardening by getting your hands... Read more »

National Public Gardens Day

The Second Annual National Public Gardens Day is May 7, 2010. National Public Gardens Day was created to raise awareness of America’s public gardens and the various roles they play in our lives.   Do gardens like the Chicago Botanic Garden need their own special day? After speaking with Paul James, the spokesperson for National... Read more »

African "Sausage Tree" Fruiting at Lincoln Park Conservatory

Kigela africana, or Sausage Tree, is a native of the southeastern region of Africa. This is the second year the tree has set fruit at the Lincoln Park Conervatory, the picture in this post is from last year. The fruits can weigh as much as 20 pounds each and measure 2 feet long. The tree... Read more »

Winter Flower Garden and Train Shows in Chicago

Looking for a garden fix this weekend? Visiting the winter flower shows around Chicago is a good way to surround yourself with plants and flowers during these dreary days. If you have family and friends visiting for the holidays get them out of the house and into one of the conservatories for a couple of... Read more »