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Houseplants in a Chicago Window

Houseplants in a Chicago Window
It has been a couple of years since I was seriously into houseplants. Lately it seems like I’m spotting them, take this collection of houseplants in a Chicago window for example.  The picture is not the best, but it is of a window in the Pilsen neighborhood just south of Honky Tonk BBQ on Racine... Read more »

Azaleas, Camellias and Cyclamen in bloom at Garfield Park Conservatory

It may be winter outside but you couldn’t tell by the colorful blooms under glass at the Garfield Park Conservatory.  These pictures were taken this past Saturday during “Sweet Saturdays” at the conservatory on Chicago’s West Side. The next, and final, “Sweet Saturday” is on February 13, 2010 from 11-4PM. Take the family for the... Read more »

Where to Buy Cacti in Chicago

Winter is a pretty good time to get into the collecting and growing cacti and succulent plants around Chicago. Pretty soon they’ll start to fill stores with outdoor furniture, potting soil, planters, spring flowers and bulbs. Before that happens there is a small window of opportunity for plant lovers who like collecting the weirdly shaped... Read more »

How to Kill a Poinsettia

I can’t think of a plant I hate more than the poinsettia. My intense hatred of this tropical plant, native to Mexico, has little to do with its association with Christmas and holiday cheer. My hatred of this plant stems from my childhood and spotting it in the windows of burger joints, Laundromats and storefront... Read more »

Amaryllis Bulb Kits:Gifts for Gardeners

Amaryllis bulb kits are a great gift idea for the gardener on your shopping list this holiday season.  The bulb kits can be found in retail settings like; home improvement stores, the floral section of your local grocery chain, big box stores and garden centers across Chicago.  With prices starting at $4.99, they make great... Read more »

Propagating Plants Through Cuttings

Propagating plants through cuttings and growing them inside during the winter to plant out in your garden next spring is an easy way to save a few dollars. When I started gardening taking cuttings, or clippings as some call it, always intimidated me until I discovered how easy it was to do. For this example... Read more »

Recycle Garden Annuals as Houseplants

Coleus, begonia and “Purple Queen.” Slightly larger pic if you click to enlarge. Frugal gardeners have long known that they can save a few bucks overwintering tender annuals indoors to be used in the garden next spring. Annuals generally live for only one growing season before going to seed and dying, but many of the... Read more »