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Chicago TomatoFest Tomato Plants on Sale

In a previous post I advised against growing tomatoes from seeds because tomato seedlings would be plentiful during several plant sales around Chicago this spring. If you’re interested in growing heirloom tomatoes and followed my advice, you can buy heirloom tomato seedlings and plants at Provenance Food & Wine and Lush Wine & Spirits. These tomatoes... Read more »

My Porch Garden

My Porch Garden
Here’s a picture of my porch garden. I’m growing vegetables, herbs, annuals and houseplants in containers on this little porch out back. The weather is my biggest problem with this container garden because it is full sun, sometimes the heat is unbearable back there. A list of the plants pictured after the jump.  Tomatoes Okra... Read more »

Hybrid Garden Seeds are not the Enemy

In the conversation about the dangers of genetically modified seeds and the benefits of heirloom seeds happening across the internet it seems like hybrids are be getting a bad reputation. The word “hybrid” sounds scary and conjures up images from the nightmares you have after viewing a science fiction movie. The truth is that hybrid... Read more »

TomatoFest Potluck Supper 2009

Yesterday’s potluck supper at the Chicago Honey Co-op for Chicago TomatoFest 2009 acted as the closing ceremony for tomato festival. I got an early start on the festivities when I visited the vegetable garden at the Cook County Jail. While photographing the vegetable garden I couldn’t keep myself from eating the cherry tomatoes. My cherry... Read more »