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Rooftop Beekeeping in Chicago: The Confluence of Culture and Nature

I was fortunate enough to be allowed to sit in on this lecture with Michael Thompson, of the Chicago Honey Co-Op, and Dr. Alan Molumby, of UIC. The lecture was presented by The School of the Chicago Botanic Garden & the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs at the Chicago Cultural Center. Part of it was suppose... Read more »

Become a Citizen Scientist

Gardening is a mixture of art, a lot of luck and surprisingly, a lot of science. The more you become involved in beautifying your urban surroundings or growing your own food you may discover that you have an inner science geek looking for an outlet.  Gardeners in Chicago that discover the inner science geek later... Read more »

Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles emerge in late June in Illinois after over-wintering in the ground below the frost line as grubs. In the spring they move upwards feeding on the roots of your lawn and by the summer they are fully grown adults. When they emerge as adults, Japanese beetles feed on the leaves and flowers of... Read more »

Spotted Cucumber Beetle

One garden pest I expect to see more of in my garden this year is the spotted cucumber beetle. This bug with the yellow body and black spots looks harmless but it is a bug you don’t want to see in your garden if you are one of the millions of Americans expected to jump... Read more »

Ladybugs in your garden

Anyone who has made it out of the 8th grade should be able to recognize this bug. For those who didn’t make it out of the 8th grade, this is an adult ladybug. I took this photo in my garden a couple of years ago. I spend a lot of my time hunting down insects... Read more »