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Pruning Tomato Suckers

Pruning Tomato Suckers
Pruning tomato suckers is easy and something you should do to help your plant focus on producing fruit and for general health of your plants. Suckers grow in the crotch of a plant, in this case tomatoes, created by the main stem and branch. These eventually grow to the same size as the main stem,... Read more »

Best Time to Pull Weeds in the Garden

After we’ve had some rain I like to go out in the garden and pull weeds. I find that this is the best time to pull weeds in the garden because they lift right out of the garden’s soil with ease. I know it can be difficult for some people to hand-weed their garden, but... Read more »

Review: Container Gardens 50 Recipes for Year-Round Gardening

Last week a representative from Crown Publishing Group – Random House, Inc. offered to send me Container Gardens: 50 Recipes for Year-Round Gardening by P. Allen Smith to review. Since I try to include ideas for container gardening on this blog because many Chicagoans live in apartments or small spaces I agreed to take a... Read more »

Layering Spring Flowering Bulbs in the Garden

Recently, when I was moving and planting some spring flowering bulbs in the garden I was reminded of the video by the Chicago Botanic Garden that demonstrates how to plant spring bulbs in containers. I decided to layer the bulbs on top of each other instead of having them scattered throughout the garden. In the... Read more »

Urban Farming Classes in Chicago Fall '09

There are several urban farming classes/workshops in Chicago this fall that can help you extend the growing season or help you get prepared for next spring. Here are some opportunities that have landed in my inbox recently. Cold frames There’s a cold frame building workday-October 14th, 4-7p.m. at Uncommon Ground on Devon. Techniques for building... Read more »

Wildlife Resistant Garden Bulbs, Oh Deer!

In my urban garden I don’t face many of the same pests that other gardeners in the Chicagoland area have to deal with. We have no deer in my neighborhood, the squirrels rarely visit my garden, rabbits and raccoons are rare. If you have trouble keeping flowers because they’re always being eaten by some animal... Read more »

Blossom-end rot of Tomato Plants

Blossom-end rot is a tomato disorder that I’ve been asked about a couple of times on Twitter and via Email. It isn’t a disease caused by garden pests or something transmitted through infected plants. Blossom-end rot generally occurs when a developing tomato fruit doesn’t get the necessary amount of calcium. Fertilizing your tomatoes may not... Read more »

Pinching Basil Flowers in Herb Garden

Once basil flowers the leaves tend to taste a little bitter. If you’re growing basil in your herb garden on way to extend the plant is to deadhead the flowers. To do this simply pinch off the blooms with your thumb and index finger. If your basil has started flowering and you want to collect... Read more »

Wal-Mart Would 'Rollback' Cost of Gardening in Chatham

I love Chicago’s garden centers as much as the next gardener, but they are too far away from where I live to make shopping there convenient. As nice as they are the prices n. As much as I would like to support these independent garden centers it really isn’t within my budget to do so... Read more »

Garden Path Ideas

The path in my small urban garden wasn’t really planned, it grew out of necessity and convenience. Before I started my garden everyone in the family cut across our “lawn” from the front stairs to the gangway to reach the side and back of the house. Once I started putting in plants I noticed that... Read more »