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Chicagoland Gardening Magazine ISO Young Gardeners

Are you interested in gardening and under 35? If you found an Ed Hardy t-shirt in your closet would you throw it in a compost bin before ever wearing it?* Do you and your friends use around buzzwords like “sustainability?” If you answered yes, then ChicagoLand Gardening magazine wants to talk to you. They’re conducting... Read more »

Tree Watering Bags

A visitor asked me what the plastic green bags around trees all over Chicago were for. I took this picture of a tree wrapped in one such bag in the Loop recently. Like the pop bottle drip irrigation setup, these green plastic bags are filled with water that is slowly delivered to the root ball.... Read more »

Three Reasons to plant a Linden Tree in Chicago

Last year I while walking down a street I’d never been down before I caught whiff of a scent so sweet that I paused and looked around for the source. I carefully examined the two gardens and plantings on the parkway looking for the source of the scent. I crouched down and circled a tree... Read more »

President Obama Head Planter

On the first day of the IGC Show I spotted what looked like, from a distance,  a head pot of former President George W. Bush. The second day of the show I made sure to get a close-up view of the head planter in question and was surprised to learn that the head was actually... Read more »

Sprout Home Plant Sale '09

Stopped by Sprout Home’s plant sale yesterday to see what kind of deals they had. Here is what I discovered: Herbs 50% offSummer Annuals 75%Trees and Shrubs 25%-50% off70 of their larger trees are 50% offPerennials 25% offOutdoor gardening tools 25% off The dwarf conifers and evergreens at 25% off are probably the best deal... Read more »

What good are wasps in the Garden?

Today, a local gardener asked me on Twitter: “and really what good are wasps?“ If I had been asked that question a few years ago I wouldn’t have been able to come up with anything positive to say about the wasp. I was stung by one once as a kid and it took one bad... Read more »

Lolla '09 and Grant Park

Over the weekend Grant Park was ground zero for one of the largest music festivals and not being a music buff, or attendee, I found myself curiously drawn to news here on ChicagoNow and on Twitter about the acts performing and the crowds. I was the Web 2.0 version of the grouchy neighborhood guy sitting... Read more »